10 Amazing DIY Hacks to Upgrade Your Old Wood Furniture

In every house, furniture is a key thing. That’s because our homes are usually loaded with some of the old pieces of furniture. And, if you are a DIYer, there is no surprise to find something creative made of old pieces of wood in your home. Well, wooden furniture can be converted and used to create something new and useful.

If you have old furniture and you’re thinking of replacing it, then wait. There are so many creative ideas of restoring and upgrading that will let you think twice about why you should restore not replace old furniture.

Cool DIY hacks for old furniture:

  1. Door into headboard

    Old doors are best to convert into many useful things like desks, tables and the new found upcycle is the headboard of bed. But first of all, must ensure that the door is in good condition and of solid wood. Only a solid wood is converted at its best. So, after looking at its quality, give it some sand finishing. Then paint it in your bed’s color. Imagine how it will look great as a headboard and turn the design accordingly.

  2. Repurposed dresser bench

    If you have an old dresser with drawers, you can convert a little cute piece to set up in a children’s room. Level down from the above, add chair arms on both sides. Give sand finish and then repaint it in your favorite color. You can use it for holding toys or a bench with drawers to sit on but only by children. It will look great.

  3. Old drawer into foot rest

    You may live with the grandparents or if you will also love this reusable hack for yourself. A cool and comfortable stool for your tired feet is really quick and easy to make. Pick a drawer from your old items, add legs of 4×4’ size with the help of wooden glue. Repaint it in a classic color that matches up with other furniture in the house. From above, put cotton wool and cover it with a piece of cloth. Let it dry and place it in front of your favorite seat.

  4. Old ladder into towel rack

    Old ladders are commonly found in houses. After sometime, these ladders are of no use due to risk of slipping from an old wood. But you can use it in your bathroom for hanging your towels and bathrobes. One of the best uses of your old rustic ladder. But first repair it if needed and then paint it in a color that best suits your bathroom theme. You can also cut it into half to adjust. And, the rest part can be used for any other purpose.

  5. Drawers into shelves

    Another useful hack for your walls is converting old drawers into shelves. It will look amazing to keep your books, vases and photo frames in these drawers hanging up on your walls. You can modify these drawers as per your need or use as it is by just hanging up on walls.

  6. Old bed into bench

    You may have a single old bed that is of no use from a longer period. But now, you can use it by modifying it into the garden bench. Cut into half according to your sitting needs and adjust the legs. Paint it in your favorite color and decorate it in your garden. You can add side flower pots and cushions to make it feel more beautiful.

  7. A door into life story frame

    A good use of an old door is to hang up on a wall as a designer life story frame. There is an amazing idea to fill your walls with your favorite pictures. Give it some sand finishing from the edges and repaint it according to your wall theme. Put your favorite photos on it and hang up on your wall.

  8. Crib into toddler bed

    Baby cribs are of no use once your kids grow up. So, they were justify aside in the store room for many years. Or either you throw them away. But, here is the cool idea to reuse them as toddler beds. But with some modifications you can convert the old crib into a beautiful toddler bed and reuse it. It will be one of the best money-saving ideas.

  9. Coffee table to ottoman

    Your old coffee table may look boring after sometime. If it so, modify it and reuse it as an ottoman. Repaint it and add cotton wool then cover it with a lustering cloth piece. It will turn into a beautiful ottoman to decorate your living room.

  10. Cabinet doors into artwork

    Another old furniture DIY hack is to turn your waste cabinet doors into beautiful artwork. You can hang these artworks on your walls or set up on walls tables. Give your creativity a new boost to convert dull cabinet doors into amazing art.

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