10 Benefits of Taking Shower with Lukewarm Water

Taking bath every day in morning or evening is necessity of personal hygiene. It not only clean the body but also make you feel fresh and energetic. Most of the people like to take bath with hot water while others like with cold water. As per the medical experts, cold water and warm water have several health benefits but they don’t advice to go for hot water shower as hot water shower have so many harmful effects, they advise to take bath with lukewarm water instead.

Benefits of Lukewarm Water Bath

  • Improve Blood Circulation

    According several medical studies, warm water upto neck is good for blood veins. The heart basically works little faster and harder when dipped in warm water so take bath with warm water regularly exercises the heart to work harder, thus improving blood circulation.

  • Relaxation Muscle, tendons, and joints

    Bathing with lukewarm water will give relaxation of the joints, tendons, and muscle tissue. It can also treat pain in muscles and joints caused by arthritis, stiffness, muscle tear, and exhaustion. Although it is not a permanent cure, but a five-minute warm baths can decrease pain, stimulate healing and decrease swelling.

  • Help to Get Better Sleep

    After a tiring day, bath with lukewarm water relax the body and prepare you to fall asleep as warm water relaxing the muscles that not only helps to relax physically, but also give relax mentally. So after a lukewarm water bath you can sleep with piece of mind.

  • Helps with Lower Blood Pressure

    Warm water bath also helps people who are suffering with low blood pressure as it help to reduce the blood pressure by opening and relaxing the walls of blood vessels. However, it is advised to consult with your physician if you are suffering with high or low blood pressure.

  • Improve Skin Cleanness

    Soaking in warm water opens the pores and cleans out dirt and impurities which are clogged due to blemishes and accumulation of toxins in the skin and give the fresh and clean skin.

  • Heals the Muscles

    Taking shower with warm water also helps to heal the muscles that are stretched or got some injuries in sports or other physical activities.

  • Helpful in Weight Loss and Diabetes

    According to medical research, regular warm water bath can help to reduce the weight. It is also helpful for the people who are suffering with diabetes. If a diabetic person soak in warm water tub on regular basis are able to reduce the level of blood sugar and glucose.

  • Addresses headaches

    Migraines and other headaches are usually caused by constricted blood vessels in the head area. Warm water reduce the pressure that leads to subside the headaches.

  • Helps to Heal Cough and Cold

    Mucus accrues in the throat and a warm water bath is efficient in drying it out. With no mucus, coughs and colds will not develop. Of course, Steam from the warm water can give you relieve and get rid of mucus.

  • Relive Stress

    Warm bath is perfect way to get extra calm effect to unwind and get relaxed and relive stress due to several physical and mental activities.

So, here I have shared few benefits of taking shower with lukewarm water, however I’ll also share effects of hot water and cold water shower in my upcoming articles so keep reading.

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