10 Best Places To Celebrate Christmas in Europe

Festivities in Europe start four Sundays preceding Christmas eve, which denotes the start of Advent. Post the Advent, a vast majority of the Catholic nations additionally commend the Feast of St. Nicholas on the sixth of December. Following the gala, is Christmas eve where individuals go to the midnight mass and relish an endearing feast.

List of 10 Best Places To Celebrate Christmas in Europe

  1. Amines


    “Amines” is probably the best spot to celebrate Christmas in Europe. Here, Christmas advertisements are loaded with unbelievable food and drink. The town has a unique climate, energy, and credibility than other urban areas. This French town has lovely parklands and charming restaurants where you can taste some delectable food. 

  2. Basel


    Switzerland and Christmas are equivalents. Such is the way of life of this stunning celebration in Basel. Being outstanding amongst other destinations in Europe to celebrate Christmas, it is a colder time of year for a perfect get-away in this city. The enchantment of the Alps with snow blankets and cheerful businesses overwhelms the city. The best Christmas market out of every one of them is Münsterplatz Christmas Market. Roughly 180 merchants will sell hand-tailored Christmas presents, candles, and wooden toys.

  3. Belfast


    Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland with a peaceful and warm climate. It stands well against other best places to go for Christmas in Europe with its humming and particularly friendly neighbourhood with the happy appeal. The Belfast Christmas market sits nearby the notable City Hall building. 

  4. Heidelberg Castle

    Heidelberg Castle

    This place in the list of best places to observe Christmas in Europe is a steady and enduring one. As we go on, the celebration is a gander at Heidelberg college town. There are a few Christmas markets situated close to the enchanting Heidelberg Castle. Ride the funicular or connect other vehicles to go up the slope and explore this palace. The perspectives from up top of the whole town are not to be opt-out. 

  5. Malta


    With enchanting urban communities, bright engineering, quiet seashores and cordial individuals – Malta is a mother lode of encounters for voyagers looking for some rest and unwinding! Perhaps the best thing about Malta is that it’s a tiny country, which implies that you can see the whole country in one trip. Are you wondering how many spots can offer you the best Christmas experience? Just a try to visit Malta.

  6. Manchester England

    Manchester England

    Wear your Santa cap, dust off the thought about wine glass, and get into the bubbly soul – it’s an ideal opportunity to make a beeline for Manchester dream into reality in the well known Christmas Market. 

    By drawing in customers all around the UK, this market has put Manchester downtown solidly on the Christmas map – this Christmas Market has become an impressive spot to purchase as well as became a gigantically famous recreation hotspot by itself. 

  7. Florence Italy

    Florence Italy

    Florence Cathedral rules the horizon and gives it genuine persona and beauty with its red arch. Reverence of the Magi by Leonardo da Vinci and Primavera by Sandro Botticelli are the only two of the famous works that stay wholeheartedly in this exhibition. 

     In case you’re searching for some retail treatment, you’ll see it at the noteworthy Ponte Vecchio, which is a Medieval extension showcased in addition to other things like bona fide Italian gem dealers.

  8. Prague


    Prague, the Gothic fantasy of Europe, observes Christmas with glitz and magnificence. Its engineering gives a sensational background to taste the scented pondered wine and become a mixup in the Christmas shopping craze. Winter in this Czech capital is fresh and crisp, however strolling down its cobbled rear entry, it murmurs regarding apparitions of a wild past, along with ravishing Gothic structures canvassed in new snow. Everything together ensures you are venturing into the Christmas world.

    Prague’s Christmas markets are among the most renowned in Europe. It gives a fantastic chance to find the customs, social qualities, and delectable food of this landlocked Central European nation that is saturated with history. The greatest, most established, and most noteworthy attraction is Old Town Square situated at the foot of the Church of Our Lady before Týn.

    Wherever you look, it’s lively and flawlessly designed wooden hovels jam-loaded with bubbly treats. They sell everything from handmade presents, delightful Christmas tree trimmings to most common Czech indulgences. For example, spit-simmered hams or Trdelník, a customary hot gloss over a baked good. The whole scene reflects the music, lights, creature pens, and nativity scenes. 

    After filling your shopping bag with a wide range of sparkling enhancements, warm up with a hot cup of pondered wine. Then take a twist on the ice skating arena, or go to one of the famous shows that occur in the city’s noteworthy chapels and lobbies during Christmas.

  9. Vienna


    Vienna is an elusive city that observes Christmas effortlessly and tastefully. The shimmering, exquisite Christmas advertisements, the incredible bistro culture, and the old-world appeal on the roads give the city an enchanting allure, while its majestic engineering – lolled in gleaming lights – makes a brilliant scenery for a thrilling winter break. 

    Enjoy glühwein, and newly prepared cakes at Vienna’s pervasive Christkindlmarket; go ice skating on Rathausplatz; visit the Snow Globe Museum in the seventeenth District, and ensure you book a ticket at one of the best Christmas shows which occur in the city’s extravagant Chapels during this season. The most well-known aspect of Christmas in Vienna is the Vienna Boys Choir at Wiener Konzerthaus. However, there is an abundance of old-style exhibitions and orchestral compositions occasions to look around.

  10. Wroclaw


    Wroclaw in Poland is the fourth-biggest city. It allures guests with a brilliant Christmas market that traces back to the sixteenth century. The roads appear large as the Old Town overflows with great energy. Further, the Christmas hymns resonate in the Rynek, a staggeringly treasured square that has more Hungarian, German, and Italian cultural impact that brings out the city’s variety. Wroclaw was named the European Capital of Culture back in 2016.

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