10 Fashion Trends Everyone Hated in 2019

Fashion industry is in continuous evolution since the past few years. The trends come and go at a faster pace, which makes things go out of fashion quite soon. As trends come and go, there are still some of the styles that you can carry along – but at the same time, there are some trends that typically fail to impress any longer. If you keep a hold onto the old fashion trends, you, you might end up carrying a look that people would talk about behind your back.

We tend to attire ourselves in clothing that could make us look stylish and elegant, that is the reason we keep following the fashion trends. Fashion magazines and social media ensures to let us know what clothing and accessories are in fashion. Instead of sticking up to your cliché wardrobe, follow the changes that the fashion industry is going through. Be it jackets or blazers, shoes or heels, bandanas or hairclips – the trends come and go. You would love to check out Mens Black Aviator Leather Jacket  And Abbraci.  But as we said before, there are some outfits that aren’t any more acceptable by the audience. This is where you must accept the change of fashion trends and move along with what is popular and what not.We are here with a list of 10 fashion trends that everyone hated in 2019. Give the list a read:

List of 10 fashion trends that everyone hated in 2019

1.    Loose fitted jeans

Back in 90s and early 20s, high waisted and loose fitted jeans were a hit. But as time changes everything, the trend of such loose fitted jeans has gotten old and rusty. These pants are no more considered cool and elegant, in fact, people have laughed behind the back of the ones who’ve been wearing these among the crowd. Back then, people used to pair these pants with a denim jacket or a tucked-in sweater, but today, it just doesn’t fit the trending criteria.

2.    Heeled Thongs

Thongs with heels? Ha, it sounds odd doesn’t it? Well, these are the biggest fashion failures that anyone can grab onto. In 2019, one of the trends that people hated were heeled thongs. The footwear just doesn’t match along with any outfit.

3.    Beanies

Beanies have been totally neglected in 2019. It just doesn’t is considered as one of the coolest headgears for women. The knitwear doesn’t serve warmth and fails to give an impressive look to the entire personality.

4.    PVC

PVC has just been flushed out in 2019. Back in time, about in 90s and early 20s, PVC was one of the most demanding material used for clothing, hats and bags. But 2019, totally rejected the look that you could carry with PVC. Maybe because of the privacy concern, as the transparency of the material was a major apprehension with PVC.

5.    Open side shirts

As fashion trends have been changing at a rapid pace, there was a time when open side shirts were in demand. But in 2019, the trend of attiring in open side shirts just faded away. Women who used to wear these anyway, surely didn’t get a comforting response. People have started hating open side shirts, well, revealed body parts was one of the major reasons for this clothing to fail.

6.    Leopard Print Coats

Leopard printed coats were undoubtedly popular back then. But in 2019, the trend just didn’t back up leopard printed coats or attires. Be it skirts or pants – leopard prints were out of fashion this year. Thus, the ones who tried to pull off their look with a leopard printed clothing, somehow ended up failing the entire look.

7.    Peplums

Earlier in 90s and 20s, the frocks and tops with a peplum style were quite a hit. But as fashion trends keep on changing, 2019 didn’t accept the peplum styled attires. People started hated the maternity look that the peplums used to attire with.

8.    Chunky Sneakers

The old styled chunky sneakers were a total flop in 2019. People who wore chunky sneakers were given a new name this year, ‘Dad Sneakers’. 2019 welcomed flat and polished sneakers with a funky look and rejected the legacy of chunky sneakers.

9.    Leather pants

Leather has been an attire that always managed to make out a way for the look. But, 2019 failed the look that leather pants attired you with. Slim fitted jeans and skinny jeans are what people grabbed in 2019. Maybe leather pants will make their way in the upcoming years, but for 2019, it was a total flop.

10. Hair clips

Hair clips have been kicked out of the fashion trends of 2019. This was the year of headbands and bandanas. The hair accessory with studs and beads just didn’t make it through the year. Thus, people accessorizing their heads with those clingy pearl embellished hair clips, were weird to look at in 2019.


As time changes, you have to amend your look according to the fashion trends. If you fail to get along with the fashion trends, you will end up looking like a goof. Embrace the elegance and style with your attire. Do not let the old fashion trends ruin the look that you carry along. As there are attires that live long for decades without losing the charm that they hold, but there are apparels and accessories that just fades out from the trending fashion industry.

To accept the fact, you just have to let got those clothing and accessories and bring a change to your wardrobe; incase, you don’t, people might start hating the look that you carry around. The above-mentioned fashion trends that have failed to be a hit among the crowd in 2019, are certainly to be avoided until the time these trends come back in fashion. You deserve to carry a look that could make you look as gorgeous as you are! Go along with the flow, and welcome the changing fashion trends by letting go the old ones.

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