10 Reasons to Have a Website For an SME Because

Even today some entrepreneurs and professionals ask themselves the question and wonder why they should have a website. I decided to answer this question and found 10 good reasons why every company and every professional, regardless of the market and sector, must have a website.

Contents of the article

  1. You can find new customers thanks to Google and advertise
  2. Your customers expect it
  3.  It makes your business more professional and reliable
  4. You can protect your name and have total control of your content
  5.  Why your competitors have a website
  6. You can best present your products or services
  7. Can collect reviews and testimonials
  8.  You can get in direct contact with your customers
  9.  A site is an asset that increases its value overtime
  10. You can best communicate your values ​​and your brand identity
    • You Can Find New Customers Thanks to Google And Advertise

      One aspect that should not be underestimated is certainly the possibility of promoting your business thanks to Google, both through organic communication activities (almost free) and by using online advertising. Google is a very powerful tool because it allows you to intercept an interested audience, who can decide to buy your products or services.

    • Your Customers Expect It

      It is useless to go around it, the data speak for themselves, more than 80% of people inquire online before buying a product or service and try to gather as much information as possible also through the official website of the brand. Staying out of the Net means staying out of the world and allowing your competitors to outclass you. You have to give people a chance to find you and the first place they will look for you, where they will look for your product/service is the web.

    • It Makes Your Business More Professional and Reliable

      Do you have something to hide?

      No? So why don’t you let yourself be found online?

      Having a website is a sign of attention and care towards your customers (actual or potential). Showcase your brand, your products, your services, allow people to know your company, your brand values, your expertise, all this affects the perception that others have of you and affects the performance of your business. To convey all this, you need multimedia and multi-channel support that allows you to get your message across to as many people as possible and this is a website.

    • You Can Protect Your Name and Have Total Control Of Your Content

      Having a domain name such as www. yourname.xx allows you to protect your name and that of your company from any cunning who could take advantage of the situation and steal your identity, pretending to be you or trying to resell the domain to you at an inflated price.

      Furthermore, the website is the only online tool that allows you to be in total control of what you publish. All other platforms currently in existence (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) acquire the rights to whatever you post on them and can use it as they prefer. Also, they may decide to delete your content without appeal or block your profile, and so on. What if one day they close?

      In short, the only way to protect what you do on the Net is to have your site.

    • Why Your Competitors Have a Website

      This point is paired with the first. How can you expect to be more attractive to a potential consumer than a competitor who has a website if you don’t have one?

      Certainly, your competitor will be more professional and attentive to the needs of the end customer, more attentive to their communication, and more inclined to establish a direct dialogue with them. In short, I have to decide whether to win the battle for first place in consumer choices or remain in the shadows. I know exactly what to do, and you?

    • You Can Best Present Your Products or Services

      A website gives you all the space you need to present your products in the best possible way. Text, images, videos, there are no limits to what you can do and every aspect can be treated in detail. Creating a website dedicated to your business allows you not to have to submit to the limitations imposed by third-party platforms and to be able to freely choose what to show and how to show it.

    • Can Collect Reviews and Testimonials

      An interesting possibility your website offers is to collect your customers’ reviews, opinions, and testimonials and show them to those who visit your site. Testimonials and reviews will allow your brand to increase its authority and take advantage of the social feedback that will allow your company to acquire a greater number of customers by breaking down the natural reluctance of consumers to approach new products or little-known brands.

    • You Can Get in Direct Contact with Your Customers

      Your company’s website is its digital business card. It allows you to open up to your customers and allows you to have an always-open window through which consumers can come into direct contact with your products, with your values, making your brand more friendly. This aspect is fundamental because it gives your customers the image of an accessible brand, close to their needs and able to listen to their needs.

      The contact form on each website gives people the concrete possibility of being able to establish a relationship with your brand, ask for advice, assistance, resolve doubts. But there is not only the contact form, today there is the concrete possibility of using instant messaging systems (WhatsApp, Messenger, etc.) directly on your web page. Without forgetting the innumerable automation possibilities that can be put in place thanks to artificial intelligence systems (chatbots) that have now become truly extremely accessible.

    • A Site Is an Asset That Increases Its Value Overtime

      Having a website means building something that will be alongside your company over time and which, gradually, will increase its value. This is because over time it will be easier for people to find it on search engines (due to the indexing processes) and you will be able to collect very useful information on the type of audience interested in your brand and this will allow you to get to know your target better and perfect your products/services as well as your communication.

      Furthermore, the constant monitoring of traffic flows will allow you to always have the pulse of the effectiveness of all your advertising actions (traditional and online). Finally, through your site, you can collect the emails of users interested in receiving your news or your offers. In this way, you can open a direct communication channel with a strongly motivated community to buy your products or services.

    • You Can Best Communicate Your Values and Your Brand Identity

      I have mentioned it several times and I repeat it: the website is a sounding board for your brand identity. Thanks to the site you can highlight your values, highlight your coordinated image, give your company the best outfit, and have all the space necessary to talk about your story, your goals, and your approach to the market. and the surrounding world.

      All this will ensure that consumers can find distinctive traits in common with your brand and that people can identify with your mission. Curating your online presence with a website allows you to amplify your brand identity and communicate it adequately to the outside world.

In Summary

There are many reasons why your SME should have a website, even more than the 10 that I have listed in this article. What is certain, however, is that today no small or large company can afford to snub the web. This is because the Internet has become predominant and most of the contacts between brands and individuals take place online today: websites, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

A small showcase site or a simple Well done landing page can make the difference between being or not existing in the eyes of your potential target. Do you think you can allow your company to be invisible? Online communication has become indispensable, all the more so now that more and more people have been pushed (in one way or another) to use more internal and many digital tools that they ignored until a year ago.

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