10 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2021

A year into the global COVID-19 pandemic, we are now well-versed in comfortable clothing  – knitwear, casual dresses, sleeping bag shoes, and more. Prioritizing comfort every day has given us signs of normalcy in these challenging times. But it seems the time to get trendy has come as spring and summer fashion trends are all set to rule the world of fashion again.

White Knee High Boots

Swing it back to the 50s and 60s with this amazing footwear option. Taking inspiration in the mid-century from the Youth Revolution, White Knee High Boots elevate your outfit within no time. Wear them with a roll neck, a patterned mini dress or skirt, or a funky and super-stylish pair of leggings. In 2021, get a slouchy style for yourself for a completely effortless look or just keep it tight and sleek for a sexy touch.

Yellow And Camel Color Styling

How about keeping things neutral with yellow and camel color styling? This stunning trend from the 70s has received a serious facelift and is becoming talk of the town again. Mix and match these amazing shades to add depth and dimension to your ensembles, irrespective of the clothing and outfits you prefer to wear.

Get a light brown coat or suit with a mustard turtleneck for the cooler months ahead of you or instead go for a camel pair of flare pants and a sleek tan t-shirt. Undoubtedly, this subtle yet flattering combination is the most sought-after look for you to try this season.

Cotton-Blend Shorts

How about beating the summer season with cool Cotton-Blend Shorts that are high on elegance and comfort? Cotton-Blend Shorts are a perfect must-have for a cool spring and summer season ahead of you.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Generation Z and millennials have taught us the best of everything but long sleeve t-shirts are something that even amaze them. There are countless options to choose from and you can get the best of colors. Complement them with sweat seats, pants, or pajama sets.

Halter Tops

If you just cannot wait to shop for the spring and summer seasons, Halter Tops would surely be of interest to you. They are extremely comfortable and stylish and let you redefine creativity to refresh your wardrobe. The best thing is that Halter Tops help you evolve in style and fashion all the time to inject fun with the latest trends.

Off-Shoulder Midi Dress

Yes, everyone of us wants these challenging times to end but the new normal has also given a new purpose to life where we all have started treasuring the best that life can offer. Off-Shoulder Midi Dresses are one of them. They can make you feel beautiful, super feminine, and sexy all over again by making your fashion experience an extreme makeover. 

Floral Mini Dress

Floral Mini Dress is an amazing addition to every wardrobe and you can wear them during spring and summer times without any second thought. It is amazingly versatile and something worth investing in. The best part about the Floral Mini Dress is that it never fails to uplift your spirits by giving you an added boost of confidence. Top it off with some beautiful jewelry, and you are all ready to go.

Bubblegum Pink

Hubba-Bubba pink is the fashion trend for 2021 that you will love to chew on this spring and summer. Go for soft sheer dresses in Bubblegum pink if romance is on your mind. Or simply down the girliness with something stunning that just goes ‘pop’. This lip-smacking shade can quickly boost the most simple of moods and shapes. Be it a bikini or ball gown, bright bubblegum pink is the color this spring and summer.

Disco Ball

With the temperature about to soar, so does the count of statement silvery styles. You have endless options to choose from in the form of oversized metallic paillettes and sequins as well as lurex and ‘touch me’ ruffles that shine more when the sun is in its full swing. Let there be light!

Folk Inspired Coats

Go all out this spring with intricate and beautiful folk-inspired coats. Add some layers of delicate lace and embroidery when the temperature starts to go down to keep your beautiful outfit hot. The intricate and stunning tapestry on every piece of outerwear looks amazingly well with a monochrome brown or black ensemble, or instead select it in a wide range of other colors for an interesting selection. Folk Inspired Coats are easy to style and look delightful on almost every body type.

Pop Blue Accessories

Why to blend in when you were always supposed to stand out from the crowd? Just add a pop of vibrant pop blue to your monochrome outfits to redefine your wardrobe. The most interesting aspect about this trend is the unlimited count of options you get to explore throughout the spring and summer seasons – from a chic Marine Serre bucket hat to a Dior duck egg blue handbag, you have countless options to choose from. When styling them, go for all grey or black outfits. This way, the bright hue will stand out like anything among the deeper shades. If this is not all, you can opt for a mix and match of your accessories to rediscover a grandeur way to rock the important pieces.

Fringe on The Bags

Let your stunning handbag do all the talking when you want to make a powerful style and fashion statement. In 2021 and beyond, one of the biggest looks you could possibly see is the fringing on the handbags. Let them almost hit the floor or the tassels get dangled close to the fabric for maximum impact – the over-the-top design is bound to keep you feeling chic and turn some eyebrows.

Select from a shearling or leather fringe. You can literally rock with this piece any time of the season and for almost every event. Go for dark hues such as black or brown for a classic feel but your goal is to stand out from the pack, you should go for bolder shades such as green or red.

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