10 Tips for your Phuket Vacation

Traveling is always enjoyable, and everyone wants to have a fantastic vacation. However, if you do not know important travel information about the destination, it can lead to a negative experience. If you’re going to Phuket, you should know how to have a fantastic vacation. We have compiled a comprehensive list of Phuket Travel Tips to help you plan your vacation, avoid unpleasant surprises, and become acquainted with Phuket reality!

Learn some Thai Phrases

While traveling to Phuket, you may encounter language barriers. English is spoken in Phuket, but Thai English can be difficult to understand. Therefore, before traveling to Phuket, you need to learn some basic phrases in Thai. These phrases are “hello” (Thai “Sa wat dee”), “How are you” (Thai “sa baai dee reu”), and “Nice to meet you” (Thai “yin dee thee”). What is your name? (Thai: “Kunchêua-rai”), Thank you (Thai: “kòpkunmâak”). Thais are very friendly and understand If you do pantomime, they tolerate it. Learning some Thai phrases is one of the important tips for your trip to Phuket that you need to know when visiting this city. Make your holiday an extraordinary one by booking your Phuket tour packages at the best prices.

Pick a right hotel

Choosing the right accommodation in the right place is a very important step for a comfortable vacation in Phuket. Many travelers are unable to determine the right hotel. They book hotels very far from the beach and spend most of their precious vacation back and forth. They have little time for fun adventure activities and ruin their holiday fun. Before arriving in Phuket, you need to choose the right hotel on the right beach. Beach hotels help you book the right hotel close to the beach. If you are new to Phuket, it is advisable to book a hotel near the best beaches in Phuket.

Exchange Money

All travelers need to know how to exchange money carefully. If you use a credit card, the hotel reservation agency will convert the amount into your local currency. However, we do this at the hotel’s general exchange rate (which can be 10% higher than the bank rate) and a 3% service charge. There are many exchange offices in almost every mall, bank, and retail exchange office adjacent to the road. Therefore, if a stranger offers a currency exchange service, please be careful not to accept it.

Cost-effective transport in Phuket

When traveling to Phuket, you can choose cheap and easy transportation. Always renting a taxi or private car can be very expensive. Here you can easily find buses, songthaews, tuk-tuk, cars, motorbikes, and other transportation and move from one place to another. There are no trains in Phuket, but there is Airport Bus Phuket, the official government bus service that provides transportation between Phuket Town and  Phuket International Airport.

Sim Cards

The easiest way is to collect SIM cards at Phuket International Airport. There are many mobile phone providers on the premises of the airport that offer SIM cards with several packages, especially for tourists. You can choose your preferred package from 3 days, 7 days, 10 days, or 1 month, including various data packages. All SIM cards named TrueMove H, DTAC, and AIS 12Call work very well, but for data transfer (Internet and Facebook), DTAC and AIS are better than other cards.

Car Insurance

Knowing about the car rental process in Phuket can save you from uncertainties. It is very simple to rent a car at Phuket International Airport. However, if you wish to have a specific car model during the high season (November-April), please make a reservation in advance. The car has third-party insurance, which covers the damage done to the other car only if you collide with the other car. However, you will have to pay for any damage to your rental car. Before you leave the airport, you should always recheck the condition of your car. There are also many car rental companies on the roads around Phuket.

Eat the right food

One of the most important tips for your trip to Phuket is that you should eat the right food during your stay in Phuket. Eating the wrong foods, such as roasted meat, spoiled meat, poorly cooked fresh vegetables, and raw or poorly cooked shellfish, can lead to illness. Thai food is known worldwide for its delicious and spicy taste. Choose your favorite dish from the 8 best Thai dishes that are very delicious and healthy. There are also plenty of healthy international dishes such as sandwiches, burgers, pasta, and fish and chips, which can be very much found in beachfront restaurants, malls, and rustic eateries.


Phuket’s electricity is 220 volts at 50Hz, which is compatible with appliances found in many countries around the world. If you come from an incompatible country, you can use a voltage transducer. You can find it in the travel goods sold at Phuket International Airport and other local stores. If you don’t need a voltage converter, you probably need a plug adapter. Most outlets or supermarkets in Phuket sell plugs with either “two flat” or “two round” of the same configuration.


One of the most important tips for traveling to Phuket you need to know is about water. According to consensus, tap water is not drinkable and can cause many stomach problems. Bottled mineral water is safe and hygienic, so you should only drink bottled water. The hotel offers free bottled water. You can also buy bottled water from nearby stores throughout Phuket.

Put your belongings in the safe place

Do not carry your passport, jewelry, and large amounts of cash when traveling outside the hotel. You may have an accident or lose the bag containing these items. You will need to deposit it in a safe locker at the hotel and make and present a color copy of your passport page as needed. This is one of the vacation tips to remember in Phuket.

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