11 Must Try Halal Indo-Pak Sweets

Pakistan is a rich land in terms of culinary delights. You will never be able to eat enough of the delicious foods available there. Desserts are, without a doubt, the most popular among Pakistanis. You’ll find a wide range of dessert alternatives in Indo-Pak sweets. Every celebration and holiday has a particular dessert to commemorate the occasion. Sheer khurma, for example, comes to mind while thinking about Eid. Gulab jamun appears to be associated with announcing or celebrating some good news. Without kheer or shahi tukda, a family get-together is incomplete. Halwa is mostly linked with religious occasions.

Depending on where you are, you’re always thinking, “which is the best Pakistani Halal Food Near Me.” Though Pakistanis eat a variety of foods, from vegetarian to tandoori chicken to gravy-based vegetables.

One thing they all have in common is having a sweet tooth. That’s correct, Pakistanis love sweets. Once you try real Indian sweets, you’ll understand why. Mithai, as the desserts are commonly known, are delectable tiny pleasure packages. Milk, sugar, butter, ghee (clarified butter), fruit, and nuts are used in their preparation. Ghee’s wonderful aroma is what makes it so special and it’s what keeps you going back for more. Traditional Pakistani sweets are all vegetarian and alcohol-free, making them suitable for Muslims.

When traveling throughout the world, here are some classic Indo-Pak delicacies that you must eat.

  1. Gajar Halwa (Carrot Halwa)

    You may have sneaked a few veggies into your spaghetti bolognese to persuade your kids to eat them. But the Indians have perfected this parenting hack! Gajar halwa (carrot halwa) is a dessert prepared with carrots cooked in sweetened milk. It’s completed with a dollop of ghee (clarified butter) and a sprinkling of almonds. This dessert is delicious irrespective of whether it is consumed hot or cold. Gajar ka halwa is a famous dessert in Punjab and some believe it originated there.

  2. Barfi

    Barfi is a thick milk-based traditional Indian dessert. Its texture feels like that of fudge. This is one of India’s most popular sweets and everyone enjoys coming up with their own variations of it. There are so many different varieties of barfi from all across India. But the kaaju barfi is arguably the most popular (cashew barfi). Barfis can also be prepared using gram flour, pistachios, peanuts, or a variety of other ingredients.

  3. Rasgulla

    Rasgulla is another milk-based Indian delicacy. Milk curds (chenna) are made by curdling boiling milk with an acid. Then combine it with a few more ingredients to form a dough. After that, the dough is split into golf-size balls and cooked in sugar syrup until plump and juicy. The origins of this renowned Indian sweet are thought to be in East India. Especially in West Bengal and Odisha.

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  4. Rasmalai

    Rasgullas gave rise to rasmalai, a dessert that originated from rasgullas. Chenna dough balls are made and cooked in cream with saffron and almonds before being served. Rasmalai is a softer, richer cousin of rasgulla.

  5. Payasam

    Payasam is a South Indian drink that is offered after a meal at important events. Often served at festivals and weddings. This dish is made with milk and served with vermicelli and almonds.

  6. Kulfi

    Kulfi is India’s gift to the ice cream world and it’s an extremely delicious one! It’s created using milk, cream, and flavorings, much like most ice creams. Most often saffron, cardamom, and pistachios or almonds. It contains no egg and is frozen in molds rather than churned, producing a thicker, richer product. Chocolate, mango, strawberry, and a variety of other tastes can be found in modern versions of kulfi. This dish is thought to have originated in the 16th century during the Mughal rule and era.

  7. Soan Papri

    This is another classic treat that everyone enjoys. Cut into squares, compressed thin, tiny strands of spun sugar are covered with flaked almonds and pistachios. Eating a soan papri is similar to eating cotton candy in that it melts away or vanishes as soon as it touches your tongue. Packaged soan papri may be found in nearly all Indian stores and supermarkets. Because they have a longer shelf life than other sweets, you may take them home as keepsakes.

  8. Halwa

    Although the Indian sweet Halwa has the same name as a slew of other desserts from the Middle East and Africa. India’s version of Halwa comes in an array of colors, forms, and flavors. One of the most famous is “Kesari halwa,”. It is made of semolina and saffron, while Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu is known for its “Tirunelveli halwa”. Which is composed of wheat flour and a variety of nuts.

  9. Gulab Jamun

    Gulab jamun is another dessert that is made using khoya. They’re formed into a dough that looks like Rasgullas. But it’s deep-fried till golden brown and then soaked in sugar syrup. Despite the fact that the preparations for each begin similarly, the end result tastes rather different. Gulab jamun is one of those desserts that tops everyone’s list of favorite Indian sweets.

  10. Kheer

    Kheer is a rice pudding created in India using a combination of rice, broken wheat, or milk and sugar. This pudding is served as a dessert after a meal. More often it is spiced with cardamom, saffron, almonds, and raisins. All of this accentuates this dessert’s flavor.

  11. Phirni

    Phirni is commonly associated with Muslims and our holidays in India. So, it has to be included in any Halal cuisine guide to India’s traditional sweets. This dish is a pudding created by boiling milk, semolina, and sugar together. It’s usually served chilled in little clay pots.


Distinctive Sweets from India and Pakistan come from all across the country. Many of them have been around for centuries. So, you’ll discover both classic and modern versions of them. Most of these sweets may be found in sweet stores all around the world, regardless of where they come from.

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