11 Simple Tips on How to Keep Your Room Cool in Summer

Are you worried about how to beat the heat in this summer? Don’t know how to keep your room cool in summer??

Well! Don’t worry we are here to help you out by providing some tips.

There are many ways you can cool your room. But I would list some fast & powerful ways that can cool your room efficiently.

Tips on how to keep your room cool in summer

  1. Use light weight and light colored clothing for window curtains

    light colored clothing for window curtainsTo prevent the heat from entering your room it is important to use the right curtains. This is because usage of dark colored clothing absorb more heat (Photons) from outdoor and brings more heat to your room.

    In order to avoid it I would recommend you to place light clothing (also light colored) like Linen fabrics, Voile etc.

  2. Remove all the floor carpets and sofa pillows

    floor carpets and sofa pillowsHaving thick carpets and rugs on floors tends to absorb more heat and the room becomes suffocated. The floors also gets heated up later which heats the room also.
    So, In order to avoid that delete all the thick clothing options in your room and stay free.

  3. Stay hydrated

    Stay hydratedYou definitely know what I mean. Drink plenty of water daily. Since it is summer, the body tends to consume more water and dries up in the form of sweat. So avoid all those by drinking water every hour and eating water rich fruits like watermelon, cucumber and also citrus fruits like orange, grapes etc. that helps you stay hydrated.

  4. Replace your bedlinen with cotton or silk sheets

    silk sheetsBed is the place where you sleep so its highly important to make it in such a way that you can sleep pleasantly. So replace other bedlinen with light clothing material like cotton or silk which will absorb sweat of your body and gives you a pleasant feel will sleeping.

  5. Wear proper sleepwear

    Wear proper sleepwear Wear proper pajamas and light clothes to fight against sweat. Also, sleeping naked is not at all an issue. Research says sleeping naked makes you asleep faster and gives better quality of sleep. So, make measures yourself before going to bed. Keep water bottle next to you, sleep holding soft pillows in your hand which give you good comfort to sleep.

  6. Close the window in the morning and open them in the afternoon

    Close the windowThis is one of the best method that can be adopted. If you close the windows, the cool temperature inside the room remains same as it was in night up to a certain extent. During this time don’t run any fan, AC or Air cooler.

    Open the windows during afternoon. Because the room can’t maintain the same temperature as it was in morning. And in afternoon temperature increases drastically so air circulation inside the room is highly necessary. This can reduce the temperature rise inside the room upto a certain extent.

  7. Switch off the lights when not in use.

    Switch off the lightsThis is also another fact that is causing negligible heat inside your room. When the light is lit it produces some heat in which causes the room uncomfortably warm and can increase certain degree of temperature.

    This happens mainly with the incandescent lights and also lightly with the LED bulbs. So, off them when not in use and feel comfortable

  8. Use Air coolers and Fans (Natural way without AC)

    Air coolers and FansUsage of Air coolers and Fans can make your room cool faster than any other technique (Note that windows should be open while running Air cooler or Fan). Choose the best Air cooler for your room size so that it can work effectively. Also the size of Fan blades depending upon the room size matters a lot.

    Also you can keep frozen water bottles in front of the table fan so that it can blow cool air. This is how you can cool rooms with Fans and air coolers.

  9. Have light colored painted wall (its an advantage if you have)

    Having light colored walls does not absorb much heat from outside whereas dark colored wall do.

  10. Avoid usage of Hot water anywhere

    Do not use hot water for drinking or taking shower or for any other purpose. It passes the heat from its body to the environment (Air) which can significantly increase your room temperature. Also you might start sweating if you drink or take shower in hot water (which is common thing known by all).

  11. Fit small window fan to the window beside you sleep.

    Fit small window fanDuring night the temperature outside drastically reduces whereas the temperature inside your room will be warm. So, in order to drive the cool air from the outside you can use the fan which will drive cool air from outside and also give you a better sleep inside.

So, these are the 11 simple tips which you can adopt to keep your room/house cooler in the summer.

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