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Who doesn’t want to look more fashionable? A great outfit improves your spirits and makes you feel more confident. Fashion style is important, but it can be difficult to master at times. Because there are no rules, it is often difficult to define what makes good fashion (Fu and Yuan, 2019)

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Everyone understands style, but not everyone talks about it. However, with a little work and patience, anyone can become the most stylish version of themselves.

So here are the 15 most basic fashion tips that every girl should know!

You Should Never Forget These Top 15 Fashion Tips for Girls

Always pick a dress according to your body types

Understanding your body shape is the first step toward successful styling. It will help you understand which designs suit your frame and which to avoid.

If you observe someone whose style is constantly on point, you’ll see they’ve mastered the best looks that suit their body shape, and they’ll avoid certain dress styles that don’t feel as flattering.

Avoid mixing too many colors

Every fashionable should be able to match their outfits. It’s preferable to simply pair a color with neutral and coordinate accessories with the main color. You can also experiment with a color with one or two neutrals, such as pink accessories on a blue shirt over black pants.

If you want to wear something brighter, stick to no more than 2-3 colors to play safe. Alternatively, you can make a monochrome statement by wearing just one color.

Avoid wearing ill-fitting clothes at all costs

A fashionable girl never buys anything that isn’t her size. Because who wants to have a new dress sitting in their closet when they can’t fit into it? Avoid ill-fitting dresses or tops that are so tight that they cause muffin tops! They demonstrate your lack of fashion sense. This is one of the most common and fundamental fashion tips.

Choose colours that suit your skin tone

A fashionable girl always puts on different colours when developing her wardrobe to see what looks good on her and what doesn’t. Pinks and reds will make your skin look healthier if you are pale. Warm colours are best for people with fair skin.

Avoid unnecessary accessorizing

Wearing many accessories is not a bad idea, but it is not a safe bet. If you’re unsure, stick to one piece of jewellery and simple lines. Pair your evening dress, for example, with a bold ring. To seem elegant, wear a pearl necklace. When in doubt, keep it simple.

A less accessories clothing appears less fussy and is easier to carry. It demonstrates that your style is natural and that you are not pushing too hard. It shows that you know how to make a decision and that you know exactly what you want!

Invest in high-quality fabrics and maintain your outfits

Purchase high-quality clothing and accessories. A good fabric may be easily spotted by the trained eye, and once you start noticing it, you won’t go back. They last longer and look more expensive. Avoid cheap fashion and interior textiles, especially while trying to make a good impression at big events.

Additionally, check the finish of any fashion items before purchasing it, such as stitch lines, buttons, marks, faults, and so on. Avoid items with uneven or unfinished stitching or hardware that appears cheap or old. These things always spoil the overall appearance.

Invest in separates rather than single-piece outfits

Fashionable girls wear a variety of one-piece clothes, such as dresses or jumpsuits, as well as a good number of separates.

Tops, pants, and skirts can be mixed and matched to create new styles. As a result, you may create more outfits with fewer pieces of clothes. Separates also help you develop signature outfits because you may easily re-wear them.

Never be afraid to wear the same outfit again

Being stylish does not require you to spend a lot of money. One of the most fundamental fashion tips that any girl should learn is how to restyle a piece of clothing. A girl who is confident in her style is never hesitant to wear the same outfit again.

When you want to replicate an outfit, simply combine it with a different set of accessories for a whole different look! Alternatively, wear it at a different time of day. You may even add a pop colour to make a new color palette!

Always keep wardrobe basics in your closet

Every girl’s closet should include the latest type of jeans, a couple of basic well-fitted shirts, a stylish top, a little black dress, and a white shirt. One of the basic fashion suggestions is to include the most basic objects into your daily casual look. They are useful when you have nothing to wear.

Never underestimate the power of details

Make completely sure anything you’re wearing is clean and pressed. And never underestimate the importance of personal grooming. Keep your hair clean and get it trimmed regularly. Maintain the health and hydration of your skin.

Make sure your nails are cleanly clipped and/or filmed, and that there are no chips in your nail polish. Make sure your face is clean and clear of blackheads, that your brows are in place, and that your skin is well-moisturized.

Always be aware of the new trends

It takes time to develop a nice personal style. So read magazines, and of course, has the latest styles every season. Keep up with the latest denim trends, dress, and fabric trends, and how to layer or combine outfits. What top styles and pant silhouettes are out? This can help you avoid seeming like you’re from another era!

Don’t be afraid to try new things

Fashionable girls experiment with new trends and fashions, even when they wear wardrobe basics.

Not everyone like trying new things but being trendy is all about expressing yourself. And it’s still evolving. So, without fear of being judged, try new things occasionally. Because you can’t please everyone, dress for yourself. Your style should always make you happy and confident!

Dress accordingly for the occasion and weather

Here’s one of the most basic fashion tips. Make sure you plan your outfit around the place. By observing others or celebrities, you can learn the essential clothing norms for various events. It’s polite to dress appropriately for the occasion, and it also shows your knowledge.

Before you plan your outfit, consider the weather. It’s not fashionable to suffer in the cold or to wear warm clothes in the summer when they itch!

Avoid becoming stuck in a style rut

There’s a tight line between wearing your style and overdoing your overall appearance. Avoid wearing clothing that is too identical to each other, because this will wear you out quickly. Every day should be a new beginning, and the greatest way to feel new is to put on a nice dress after your morning shower!

So, if you’ve been wearing the same jeans for more than a decade, or if your wardrobe consists of the same colors year after year, it’s time to switch things up.

Work on your complete personality rather than simply your clothes

Fashion is about expression, body language, manner, and personality as much as it is about clothing. So work on yourself as much as you work on your style. After all, the main objective is to feel confident rather than to look gorgeous!

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