3 Staggering Ways Influencer Marketing Will Dominate In 2020

With the progression of digital media marketing trends across the globe, we’re going to take a look into the future of influencers marketing in the near future.

If you are an influencer marketer or are you looking to explore various marketing strategies, this would be just what you need before stepping ahead into the New Year to kickstart your marketing campaign.

  1. Purpose Driven Influencers for Brands

    A few years ago, choosing a popular influencer with many followers for a digital media marketing campaign was supposed to be the best thing at the face of the earth. Back then, as long as the brand was getting immense attention to its message that was all that counted at every walk of life. Hence, this isn’t the case to any further extent.

    Nowadays, brands are going to be more productive and resource-oriented to choose influencers with greater insight. Specifically, brands will want influencers that share similar values to themselves.

    This is because influencers are perceived as facilitators of your brand. That’s the reason whenever there is a scandal involving influencer-driven tactics such as the case for Logan Paul and PewDiePie brands were quick to distance themselves from the influencers in fear of being associated with the scandal.

    In these circumstances, you can expect brands to pour more effort into finding influencers reflecting the values that it holds in various aspects of brand management and digital media marketing trends across the competitive market sector. Even if the suitable influencer has a lower fan following ratio than others but it doesn’t share the same values as the brand.  This takes us to the next stage

  2. Micro-influencers for Market-Driven Needs

    As the name speaks it all, Micro-influencers aren’t considered as a popular figure and they aren’t driving a large influence of a following as celebrity influencers do with regards to certain patterns. Apart from that, micro-influencers are playing a vital role to promote the essence of a market-driven influencer environment.

    The latest reports have shown that followers are more likely to trust the recommendations of the micro-influencers as they are claimed to be more authentic and trustworthy. With a smaller fan following makes it quite easier and more engaging, this creates a sense of developing a stronger bond of trust among the digital media marketing strategists, influencers and followers. This enables micro-influencers to command a greater degree of influence when it comes to promoting the products and services of the brand.

    In fact, depending on the digital media marketing objective, brands are tempting to look for various categories of influencers for multiple needs. For Example, if a brand is immensely focusing to raise awareness for its latest range of products, having a celebrity influencer send out a post or two to their fan following is an excellent way to get your touch on it. But if a brand is looking to boost sales, capitalize on the stronger user engagement trends priorities the micro-influencer with having smaller following would yield more promising results.

  3. Maintaining Long-Term Relationships

    In the early days of influencer marketing, brands would ultimately work with influencers on a digital media marketing campaign on a priority basis. Maintaining Relationships between brands and influencers tend to be short-term.

    Nowadays, brands are finding it more beneficial to maintain a strong bond with their influencers. As mentioned in the previous point, micro-influencers are able to build a stronger degree of trust with their group. If a brand is a part of the influencers’ uniqueness, their followers are likely to be more receptive to the brand’s presence in the long term.

    Building a long-term relationship also saves resources in looking for new influencers. Similarly, if the brand has already taken the time to identify a suitable influencer whose target audience attracts the brand’s, then it would be in their best interest to retain that influencer for future campaigns and relevant aspects to promote digital media marketing influence across the globe.

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