3 Things To Check For Choosing The Best Ashwagandha Supplement

Ashwagandha, scientifically named as ‘Withania Somnifera’ is known for its many benefits that can help in preventing or curing distinctive chronic diseases. Several companies tend to sell this miracle herbal plants extracts as a supplement.

Now if you are someone who relies upon herbal super-foods and supplements then you must try the organic ashwagandha root powder or other ashwagandha products. They surely help you to maintain an overall good health.

However, before purchasing any of the ashwagandha products you got to make sure that they are free from any impurities and are the best ones for you. But how can you pick up the genuine product without testing it’s content.

Read this blog till the end to find out the things that you must consider for selecting the best ashwagandha supplement in the market.

    1. Must contain 100% ashwagandha root extracts only

      Now you cannot know the insides of the content however, you can check the composition label of the package before buying an ashwagandha supplement. So make sure to read the label thoroughly prior to your purchase.

      While checking out the label, make sure of it that the product you are getting for yourself has 100% extracts from the ashwagandha roots only. Some of the manufacturers tend to mix leaf extracts along with the root.

      Now, the maximum clinical efficiency can only be achieved from the ashwagandha plant’s root extracts only. Therefore, we highly recommend to go for the products that specifically contains the ashwagandha root extracts only.

    2. Withanolide levels must be optimum and assessed by HPLC method specifically

      While picking out the best ashwagandha supplement make sure that the level of withanolide is neither too low nor too high. It must be present in the contents of the supplement at an exact optimum level.

      High content of withanolide ( more than 25%) will make the ashwagandha supplement more like a pharmaceutical drug that has maximum intensity on a singular molecule. Whereas extreme low levels of it i.e. less than 2.5% is not effective and would need higher dosages.

      Another item to be looked for is the method of withanolide content analysis. Several manufacturers usually adopt gravimetric analysing process. However, this process does not give out the accurate results. But the HPLC method seem to give a more precise outcome.

      Look into both of these factors before making a purchase for this herbal supplement product.

    3. Full-spectrum extract for clinical effectiveness

      The concepts of Botanical is very much complex. Experts have proved the clinical advantages of several botanical, however, they are unable to identify which exact constituents show those effects.

      There are many scientists and herbalists state that herbs such as ashwagandha show signs of clinical effectiveness not just with a single constituent but with a combination of several constituents simultaneously. This is the reason why a full-spectrum extract is recommended for achieving clinical benefits.

Hence, make sure that the supplements you are purchasing have a full-spectrum extract in its content.

These are some of the crucial things that you must consider before buying an organic ashwagandha root powder or any other ashwagandha supplements.

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