4 Best Tactics to Improve the UX Design of E-Commerce Website

It is a fact that more than 60% of purchase decisions are based on customers’ perceptions and their confidence in a brand. So for an e-commerce website owner, the primary objective is to focus on the UX design of the website for attracting customers and gaining their trust. Before discussing in detail how we can improve the UX of an e-commerce website, let us brush up on what UX is and why it is so essential for an e-commerce website.

What is UX?

UX stands for user experience and it includes a user’s interaction with a company and its products and services. In the same way, the e-commerce user experience is the overall experience of the user after visiting and interacting with an e-commerce website. It is all about how visitors are feeling after going through your online store and how smoothly they can perform any desired action. The primary objective is to understand the users and their requirements. So it is important to implement the user experience design for building an e-commerce website to gain the trust of the users.

Why is UX Design So Vital For An e-Commerce Website?

In the case of e-commerce stores, the customer is the king and if customers are not satisfied then e-commerce website owners cannot make any profit. A poor user experience of any e-commerce will make users abandon that site and there are more than 88% chances that they will never return again. So it is important to provide a great user experience for gaining customer loyalty which in turn will increase the conversion rate and encourage customers to invest money in purchasing your products.

Now let us see how can we improve the UX of an e-commerce website:

  1. Optimize Your Website For Mobile

    Mobile optimization is the main thing to consider while developing any website these days. This is because everyone is using mobile devices nowadays and if your website is mobile responsive it will automatically help you to reach a wide audience. As per statistics, smartphone devices account for 48% of all web page views and all new websites are indexed using Google’s mobile-first indexing. Google’s ranking system will now use the mobile version of your web page to rank you for mobile-initiated searches. Thus, to improve the UX of your e-commerce website it is crucial to make the design mobile-friendly so that people accessing through the mobile devices can get a smooth experience and can easily perform any desired actions.

  2. Listen To Your Customers

    The vital thing that you should consider for improving the UX of your website is to listen to users who are visiting and purchasing from your online store. End-users ’ opinions matter the most since they can provide better insights about the website than the people managing it. An e-commerce website owner should read both positive and negative reviews, resolve customers’ query and provide a solution to their complaints.

    It is best to use a feedback form to properly understand the customers’ experience of your website. When you ask customers for feedback, they will feel that their opinions are valued by you and this will increase their confidence in your brand. Apart from this, their useful insights also help you to improve your user experience. So make sure to listen to your customers first and create aesthetically pleasing website design.

  3. Make Your Website Structure Organized And Easy To Navigate

    After walking into a room you find everything messed up, bed sheets mixed up with other belongings, and washroom towels, you will automatically get a negative vibe and will feel disoriented. The same thing happens with a visitor when they visit a website with poor website navigation. It will take a long time for them to find what they are looking for and there are chances that they will abandon the site. So to hold onto your potential customers your website should have proper navigation.

    Now one may think that what makes appropriate website navigation?
    The answer is that it depends on the ideal customers on your e-commerce website and the way they shop. Depending on this only you will have to determine your product classification and categories that you want to highlight on your main menu.

    Here are some common practices that you can use for enhancing the user experience:
    First, choose your top menu categories. If you are selling products for both males and females on your e-commerce website, then these categories will be placed at the top along with top category products. Another best way is to use filters that will help users easily find what they are looking for. Category, price, size, price are some of the common filters. For example, when someone will purchase a top and he will visit the top section, and then the user can filter for the type of top, and then he can gradually arrange the selection starting with the price and choose the size and color. These processes will save a lot of time and will help users to complete their purchases quickly and smoothly. Thus having an organized website structure will enhance the user experience of your e-commerce website.

  4. Create customer-centric CTA’s

    The goal of creating an amazing user experience is to increase conversions and sales. With this objective in mind, you should create customer-centric CTA buttons for your e-commerce website as CTA buttons are very essential elements within a purchase journey.

    If CTA’s are effectively integrated then those can guide users through their buying journey and encourage them to make purchases on your website. The CTA’s when placed in the proper palace can provide the customers’ clarity on the actions that should be taken while going forward in the sales funnel. So the most important parameter that you should consider while designing your e-commerce website, is to make your CTA customer-centric. Also, make sure to use contrasting colors for the CTA buttons to make them stand out.


User experience(UX) is one of the most essential determinants of the success of your e-commerce store.
A well-designed and highly efficient UX will not only reduce the bounce rate on your e-commerce website but will also increase conversion and revenue.

Hope these above-mentioned tips will help you to improve the UX of your e-commerce website but you can also reach out to a reputed e-commerce website development company in India providing professional and comprehensive UX design services for assistance.

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