4 Graphic Design Skills That You Can Learn By Autodidact

If you often imagine creating visual designs in your free time, why not try a career in the graphic design industry by experimenting with realistic motion?

To become a reliable graphic designer, you can learn it formally. However, in this all-easy era, there are also other options where you can use self-taught graphic design. You can use the visual design from any media, from sites that focus on “how to” themes to video tutorials on Youtube.

Alright, let’s talk about some graphic design skills that you can get yourself without having to attend formal education.

  1. Editing Images With Software

    The digitalization of life is undeniable. Old school designers used to rely on manual techniques to manipulate images or photographs. But now there is graphic editing software like Adobe Photoshop.

    You can read how this application works by watching Photoshop tutorial videos, which are now very easy to find. After feeling able, try using this skill to edit any image you have.

    If you can improve Photoshop skills to advanced, the work of the door as a digital imaging artist is wide open.

  2. Make Illustrations Or Visual Characters

    Creative painting or drawing design is also included in the field of work, like graphic design. If you have considerable potential in the area of drawing, don’t you need to create your original picture?

    To hone the ability to describe, you do not need to take formal education. You can attend a drawing workshop organized by the art community. Or, if you don’t have time to participate in the studio, basic drawing tutorials can be watched easily via the Youtube channel.

    What’s in it for you? Today, many game industries are looking for talented illustrators to help create the game characters that the industry needs. Expand your portfolio of images and never stop drawing.

  3. Designing Apparel With Graphic Design Expertise

    Product designs such as t-shirts or skirts are also included in the realm of graphic design. You can do this by making apparel designs directly by hand or using applications such as Corel Draw and other tools.

    Well, the results of the image will be moved to the top of the shirt using screen printing techniques. If your t-shirt design is attractive, you can start opening your clothing line using your fashion brand. Interesting, isn’t it?

  4. Logo Design For A Particular Brand

    Designing logos requires special tricks. To develop a logo, you don’t need formal education, but on the other hand, you need a sense of the brand identity that you will create for the logo.

    So, what you need to practice is the sensitivity to process and display all types of information in a comfortable and uncomplicated brand logo. And one more thing, you also have to make a logo that is iconic and easily captured.


The graphic design skills that we already mentioned above are essential skills that you need to sharpen and hone. You can also learn autodidact by trying digital marketing tools.

If you successfully hone and improve your design skills, you can start working as a graphic designer. Eventually, the skills can’t only be built through formal education. If it can be self-taught, then why not?

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