4 Of The Best Instagram Widget Tools For 2020

“Pictures Speaks a Thousand Words”

And Instagram is one of the best social media platforms to share pictures. Users on Instagram are not only expressing their opinion on Instagram, but they are also doing business and building networks using hashtags and images.

Following the trend, many Instagram users showcase their Insta feeds as ‘Online Magazine.’ Features like Innovative Posts, Musing Captions, and, most importantly, the amazing User-Generated Content, which is not just meant to stay there only. No idea what we are saying?

If you put some extra effort into creating beautiful and unique Instagram feeds and embed this gallery to your website in the form of a Widget, then surely, your brand will experience so many great things. For instance, think of building trust and customer loyalty, drive traffic, higher conversion rates, increasing brand awareness, and more.

Every brand does want to achieve all this to taste success. So, get extra mileage out of time and dive into the concept of Instagram Widgets without any delay.

Instagram Widget – What Are They?

Social Media Widgets can be categorized as per social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. In this blog, we will discuss “What is Instagram Widget”? and “What are its tools”?

If you want to display your latest Instagram feeds on your website, then you need to embed Instagram Widget onto it. The social widget displayed on your website is a curation of valuable UGC from Instagram related to a specific HASHTAG, KEYWORD, PROFILE, etc. All the relevant Instagram feeds are combined into a single Instagram widget and then quickly embedded on a website.

Tools To Embed Instagram Widgets To Your Website

Listed below are 4 of the best tools to embed Instagram Widgets to your website.

  1. Taggbox Widget

    As one of the leading User-Generated Platforms, “Taggbox Widget” helps marketers to embed their Instagram feed constructively across all the touchpoints of marketing. You can create an effective user-generated content-oriented Instagram widget that can be embedded onto your website. The major benefits you can experience with the help of Taggbox Widget are trust-building, audience engagement, and higher conversion rates.

    Following are the incredible features offered by Taggbox Widget;

    • Strong Moderation Panel:

      Before you embed Instagram’s curated UGC to your website, you can use the Moderation Panel, which allows automation i.e., selecting the feeds that you want to display. Along with that, Profanity Filter eliminates unwanted content and maintains high-quality content.

    • Personalization:

      With multiple themes, banner, backgrounds, font size and color, layouts, and more, you can create an attractive Instagram wall.

    • Insightful Analytics:

      You can also keep a regular check on the performance of your Instagram Wall through the Analytics feature of Taggbox.

    • Others:

      Taggbox has a lot more features to offer you, such as Responsiveness, Custom CSS, Content Play, Hashtag Highlighter, and so on.

    With robust customer support, the Taggbox Widget is compatible with website building platforms like Weebly, Wix, Shopify, and more.

  2. LightWidget

    LightWidget is an Instagram widget that can be embedded on websites, online stores, blogs, and more. You don’t need to be a pro to embed this widget, just copy and paste the codes to your website. This responsive widget tool is loaded with countless amazing features that will make you go gaga over this tool.

    • Fast Loading:

      To optimize loading times, this Instagram Widget tool uses advanced CDN and Caching.

    • Three Different Types:

      This Instagram Widget comes in 3 different types i.e., Grid, Slideshow, and Columns.

    • Hashtag Filtering:

      Include the necessary posts by filtering them by #hashtags.

    • No Ads:

      SnapWidget directly links your Instagram account and no third-party accounts, so you’ll not see any of the ads on their Instagram Widget.

    • Customizable Options:

      The Instagram widget can be customized with features like Padding, Hovers, Captions, Image Formats, and more.

    • More:

      Other features that you can use are Multiple Instagram Accounts, Pop-Up View, Active Custom Support, Insightful Analytics, and Custom CSS.

    Compatible with website platforms like Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, or any HTML website, LightWidget has trimmed libraries, and the size of the Instagram Widget can be adjusted according to any screen type. Plus, Instagram feeds get automatically updated as they are directly fetched from your Instagram.

  3. Juicer

    Juicer is a SaaS platform offering an Instagram Widget tool that can embed your Instagram feed directly to your website. With the help of this widget tool, you can decrease the bounce rate on your website and increase conversions. Customize your social media feeds using #hashtags and @username while filter out the unwanted content to keep your feeds clean. Not just this, but Juicer also updates your website with your latest Instagram posts.

  4. Elfsight

    Why do you need an Elfsight Instagram Widget? Well, the variety of features offered by this Elfsight widget makes it wanted. To increase your Instagram community, Elfsight provides a button on your website widget that smoothly directs the audiences to follow your Insta handle. By embedding creative Instagram feeds on your website, this widget tool also increases audience engagement.

    Build up your strong online presence by displaying your Instagram content on your website with this easy-to-use Instagram widget.


With the immense increase in the numbers of Instagram users, marketers are most likely to gain exposure, conversions, trust, and brand awareness. Leverage the power of social media and integrate Instagram Widgets on your website to boost your online presence and amplify your Return On Investment (ROI). These tools let you bring the Instagram crowd to your website without any kind of hassle. Choose the best tool as per your brand’s needs and experience tremendous growth.

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