4 Smart Secrets to Choosing Impactful SEO Keywords

If there is one concept that runs and creates hype on the internet, it is Search Engine Optimization. It is estimated that about 25 billion dollars of Google’s revenue come from the implementation of SEO techniques. Most companies set their goal towards optimizing pages through the use of SEO by assigning keywords to them. Therefore picking the right keyword is a dexterous job. It also determines the rank of the company’s website on a search engine. Keywords are just not everything when it comes to the company’s policy or the assurance they promise to provide. What keyword one will choose depends on what exactly their company assures to its consumer.

Here are five smart secrets to choosing impactful SEO keywords.

Grab good phrases

One should always use a good phrase than words when it comes to choosing a keyword for their page to light up on their viewer’s computer screen. If a company sells cat food, it is not advisable to use the keywords ‘cat’ or ‘food’ even though it looks very simple. Something catchy as a phrase like ‘best cat food Melbourne’ when used shall turn up numbers of viewers on your website.

Avoid fancy words

The goal of selecting a good keyword might seem to be the use of words full of vanity, but it is not. To the dismay of most of us, ornamented words do not serve the purpose unless the company is a very celebrated one. If a company sells jewelry, then putting the words ‘jewels’ will not fulfill the purpose of SEO. In such a case, words that are more specific of what the company sells helps in the page visibility on the internet — using words such as ‘silver jewelry’ or ‘gold jewelry’ help in making the page more visible on any particular engine.

Google wonder wheel

It goes mostly unnoticed that the entire Google home page is the Google wonder wheel. By searching out one’s favoured content and clicking on the wonder wheel option, under the filter option on the justify-hand side, can help bring out the necessary keywords that might improve the probability of views of one’s website. Also, on clicking the link, one might find comparisons and a better understanding of the products and exclusive keywords that they can put in their websites.


It is often heard that the more a word is repeated, the more one is bound to remember it. Internet works the same way too. Once some keywords are repeated, Google counts them on and tries to put up on the top of its search list the websites that have the specific keyword mentioned multiple times. This surely does not cater to following meaningless sentences of keywords mentioned. One has to curate the content in a way where a keyword can be used multiple times. To understand the technical details and avail professional help, one can contact the Best Melbourne SEO agency.

Keeping in mind the above tricks and hacks one can curate or create content better to get best views. It is also advisable that one should always create content dependent on what they choose to provide to their viewers or customers.

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