4 Steps To Use Subtitles For Better Watching Experience On Plex Seedbox

Having a problem understanding foreign languages is not at all an issue nowadays. Since now you have an option for subtitles that when added to the media file ease out the watching experience.

Are you facing the same trouble while watching videos on a Plex seedbox? Probably yes, and that’s why you are here to how you can add and use subtitles.

Plex media server supports a multitude of subtitle solutions. But the problem arises when all of them remain disabled and you need to fix them for better performance. So guys, are you ready to use subtitles? Here we go with our 4 secret steps.

4 Steps To Use Subtitles For Your Plex Media Files

  1. Download free subtitles from third-party providers:

    A majority of the media files available on the media server are difficult to understand just because they won’t carry any subtitle. Nothing to worry about if you are in this situation. Plex media server possesses some third-party applications that offer free subtitles to the users. You just need to download them from the third-party provider and use them accordingly. The best thing about this is that you don’t need to pay any single buck for the subtitles.Browse opensubtitles.org and drag the subtitles from there to the media library. You should repeat the step of dragging and dropping of subtitles unless you have all of them for both tv shows and movies. The language of the subtitles can be customized according to your choice. These changes allow you to view subtitles whenever there is any new addition to the file content.The rest of the steps are as follows.

  2. Add subtitles to the media files in the library:

    Unfortunately, the above step will only work whenever there is any new additional content to the seedbox What about the existing one? This is possible only when you refresh your metadata.Refresh All Metadata option is available on the list resided at the left-hand side of the home screen of the server. Just scroll down and you will get the option. Refreshing will add subtitles for every media file you watch, irrespective of its date of addition.

  3. Fix the local subtitle files to it:

    Opensubtitles.org might be a hub for subtitles but if often lacks in carrying all subtitles that you want. Will you be satisfied if you miss out on the subtitles for your favorite show? Of course, not.To ease out your problem, look for three such sources where you can find your missing subtitles. Subscene, SubtitleSeeker, and SRTFiles. They are the best options to check out your subtitles. Some prominent formats for subtitles are SRT, SMI, SSA, ASS, and WebVTT.

  4. Turn the subtitles on:

    So, have you got all your subtitles? Check them out before you continue playing your video files. Checked? Now its time to turn on the subtitles and switch them to default, so that you can view them whenever you play a video on the media server.

The Concluding Lines

Sounds confusing? Well, the points mentioned above seemed to be tricky but it won’t irritate you more than once. You just need to perform the job only once and your subtitles will remain added to all your files till the date you use the app.

Yes, we are talking about the plex app. Make sure you have it before you search for the subtitles.

Happy streaming!

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