4 Ways to Make Money While Having Fun

Living in a post-2008 economy can be hard, especially for young people still trying to establish themselves, make a living, and pay off student loans all at the same time. Making enough money to simply survive can be challenging, let alone paying off debts. Often, people have to make hard choices, like choosing between a decent meal or paying the rent.

One bright spot is that we live in a digital world and that has created a lot of opportunities for side hustles. The trick is to choose one that won’t feel like a chore and make you want to vomit when you think about it. As the old saying goes, do what you love and you won’t have to work a day in your life. While that can be out of reach for most of us, there is no reason not to try and make some money while having fun with your hobbies or favorite past time. Here are some suggestions for those of you contemplating that idea.


Many people enjoy tinkering in the dirt with their plants and if you are one of them, this may be ideal for you. Start small and use a manageable part of your yard to plant some seeds. Your best bet for selling your produce is local farmers’ market. At first, you can share a stall with someone, at least until you are selling enough of your home-grown products to justify getting your own. If you don’t have access to a farmers’ market for any reason, you can try selling to your friends. The word of mouth is still the best marketing tool out there and if you do things correctly, you will soon have more customers than you can handle. If that also isn’t an option, then you can arrange a self-serving stall in front of your house.


The eSports industry has grown tremendously in the last several years and tournaments offering seven figures in prize money are a common occupancy. Whether you choose League of Legends, Dota 2, or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you can make a killing. If you are good enough, that is. All that money has raised competition to insane levels and finding a place in a professional team can be a tall order. There is also another option. You can go for iGaming and see how that goes for you. You can try your luck playing in Royal Panda or any other online casinos. Modern games offer up to 95% of deposits returned to the player, so making some money playing them shouldn’t be too hard.


Making Stuff

Employing your creative side and making stuff you can sell on Etsy is a great way of making money and having fun. You can easily find ideas on the Internet and also see various tutorials that will help you improve your skills. Start with simple projects until you are ready to tackle bigger ones. In no time, you can turn your hobby into a money-making endeavor. You will also have a genuine excuse to buy all the power tools you ever wanted. Of course, there are plenty of arts and crafts that can be made with just simple tools or even by hand only. The best thing about Etsy is that you can reach all kinds of people with diverse tastes, massively increasing your chances of finding customers for your products.

Sell Free Stuff from Craigslist

People give away for free all sorts of things on Craigslist. Some of it, with some cleanup and a few touch-ups, can easily be resold for a handy sum of cash. Now, for some people going through Craigslist ads looking for free valuables in any shape or form can be a chore. For others, it can be a hobby. If you are one of them, this is a perfect gig for you. Finding hidden gems people are discarding can be very rewarding, especially when you polish them and sell them. Not only it can be profitable, but it is also environmentally responsible. People give away things for various reasons, but mainly because they don’t need them anymore or have upgraded to something better. This is a perfect example of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”. You can sell it on your own site, on Etsy, on a flea market, or even on Craigslist, just to make a perfect circle.

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Earning money while having fun may seem like a dream that comes true only for some people, but that doesn’t have to true. Granted, it is hard seeing any of the jobs on our list providing full employment and regular income you can count on, but that doesn’t mean you should give up on them. Most of them can be done for an hour or two each day and still make some money. And who knows, with some luck and plenty of dedication, they can even evolve into a job.

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