5 Advantages Of Previous Years Question Papers To Every CBSE Student

CBSE previous year question papers are like a gemstone to every student. Practicing these papers will help you to score great in the board exams as these are considered as the most coveted study material for a student. Sometimes the questions seem easy to you.

But while solving, those simple yet tricky questions can wreck your nerves. So, these previous year question papers will prepare you for the examinations really well as you would not miss a single chapter of a subject.

But if you still wonder why all the board exams aspirants put a lot of effort to solve the last ten years question papers prior to exams. What are the benefits? Let’s explore here.

Benefits Of Previous Years Question Papers

  1. Best for practice

    They say ‘practice makes a man perfect’. And, solving the question papers from the past few years will definitely make one perfect as these cover a substantial part of the syllabus. All you have to do is to get access to these last years question papers and practice rigorously. This is how you will understand the strength and weakness of your exam preparation. It is observed that students are benefited by solving these question papers. Thus, it is mandatory to work on these question papers to achieve the great result that they are looking for.

  2. Rectification of mistakes in time

    It might seem easy to understand your weakness while practicing. But you tend to slip out the actual mistakes while revising. Hence, practicing the previous years’ question papers will definitely help you gain great score in the exams. Many a time this happens that you seem to understand a concept in your way. But while solving the sample papers or test papers from previous years, you get to know the types of questions or how various types of questions can be formed from one concept.

  3. Need to understand the question format

    Preparing for the exam means running through the syllabus for plenty of times before the exam. It will help you to understand the question pattern section-wise. Practice thoroughly from now on so that you do not have to anxious during the exam because you will be confident to beat the exam stress. CBSE examination covers a vast syllabus. So every student should solve the previous years’ test papers to gain a clear concept. Hence, they do not need to waste their precious time in the exam hall.

  4. Self-assessment

    The best part about the previous years’ question papers is that you can start practicing these even before CBSE issues the sample question papers for the examinations. And, that’s how you will be able to do self-assessment. Any student can solve it once they complete the entire syllabus. Therefore, they can evaluate their performance whenever they want and practice more to improve their performance gradually.

  5. Strong motivation and confidence

    Most of the times, students tend to become very anxious during examinations. But that’s what the challenge is. This exam fear get into the students’ nerves so badly that an easy question paper seems tough due to the question patterns. That’s the mind game played by the paper setters. However, practice will make you confident as you can adapt to any difficult situation. It is the ultimate weapon to beat your weaknesses and do better in the examinations.


Solving the previous years’ test papers guide the students to understand the patterns of the papers. So, they tend to practice more to understand the patterns of the questions, weightage as per the section, and section-wise marks division.

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