5 Best Bathroom Plants By Bathroom Scan

Have you painted your bathroom white? Do you want to add some greenery there? Greenery always adds a soothing effect. If your answer is yes, then check out bathroomscan.com to find the best bathroom products.

Most people decorate and paint their baths with white and other colors and they wished to add some plants there. That’s why we have gathered some information about the 5 best bathroom plants and now we are telling you about it.

Plants are not only made for your garden but you can also use them anywhere in your home. So, it’s time to describe the best plants that you can put in your bathroom to add a peaceful and soothing effect there.

1. Bird’s Nest Fern:

There are many kinds of Ferns but the bird’s nest fern is the most popular one. It controls the low humidity and keeps your bathroom fresh with the smell. It perfectly works in a bathroom with low light and suddenly brightens it up with its greenery.

This is the best type of fern to keep in the bath as compared to other ferns because this little bathroom plant loves humidity. That’s why we gave it the first number on our list.

2. Air Plants:

These air plants are actually a perfect gift from nature to those bathrooms that have high humidity levels. One of the most amazing things is you do not need to put them in soil. You can hang them, keep them on your faucet, or if you have a window then this is the best place for air plants.

Put these plants in a container and keep them in a window and they will start working instantly. These little beauties have more than 700 types but you must choose that kind which can soak humidity from the bathroom.

3. Spider Plants:

A plant that can produce little spider plants after some time that you can give to your friends or make your own spider collection. These plants can work in low and high-lights but do not keep them under the sun.

A perfect choice for moderate humid places that means if you are taking shower the humidity is the plus point for spider plants. Keep it anywhere on the shelf or hang it with your ceiling and your spider plant is ready to soak moisture.

4. Snake Plant:

One of the most loving and demanding plants that most people use in their home. As the name indicates this snake plant looks like a snake. These little beauties can bear low, high, and moderate light which means you can place them anywhere in your bathroom.

This snake plant is suitable for high humidity areas and soaks all the moisture that produces during the shower. People love it because of its nature and the work these little pants do.

5. Peace Lily:

This beautiful plant adds beauty to your bathroom with its small flowers that bloom after some time. Peace lily can only tolerate low light but ideal for your humid bathroom. Put it on the shelf or hang it with the wall but make sure to use low light.

You have to keep it in a wet spot in the soil and do not forget to water. Although it soaks moisture from the bath, you need to water it so that it can bloom new little flowers.


Bathroom plant add beauty as well as soak extra moisture and humidity to keep your bath normal. Secondly, they add beauty and a peaceful effect that looks peaceful to the eyes. These 5 are the best plants for the bathroom that we have selected after research. You will get more information about bathroom decor, ideas, and other things at bathroomscan.com.

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