5 Carpet Care Myths Debunked

It is easy to pick up myths about anything, including carpet cleaning. Our mothers, grandmothers, tales and magazines can easily distribute cleaning myths, limiting people from trying them out or spurring people to take some actions that might be having negative effects.

As helpful as some of these myths may seem, they may actually be causing some harm in our carpet cleaning routine in London. Well, in this article, we are debunking some of those popular myths and bringing the truth to you. They include;

  1. Vacuuming your carpets frequently will cause it to wear

    This is obviously a false notion. Frequent vacuuming will do less harm than not enough vacuuming for your carpets. This myth probably originated from seeing carpet threads and fibres in the bin after vacuuming back in the days.

    However, a lot of things have changed between then and now. For one, carpets are made of tougher stuff now and would not just bare a thread due to a mere vacuuming. Secondly, vacuum cleaners now come with multiple settings allowing users to choose customised surface settings or select the right height for your carpet. If you use the wrong settings, for instance, vacuuming the carpets with bare floor settings, then you can easily ruin your carpet. If you stick with the right settings and speed, you will do just fine. You may not need to vacuum daily, but regular vacuuming is necessary to keep the carpets clean.

  2. Carpet cleaning machines breed mildew on the carpet

    This myth is true to an extent. Generally, improperly dried carpets will always be a great breeding ground for mildew, and since steam cleaning allows for penetration of moisture into carpets, this has to be the origin of this myth. The problem can be easily dodged by not allowing the moisture soak into the carpet for too long, and ensuring that the carpet dries out completely, or it can simply be avoided by contacting a professional carpet cleaner in London to handle this session.A professional company will ensure that your carpets are properly steam cleaned and dried. If you hope to do this deep cleaning yourself, you must ensure that you have the right knowledge to avoid risking the health of the occupants of the room.

  3. New carpets do not require cleaning for the first two years

    That makes sense, right? Why would anyone need to clean a new, extremely expensive carpet until two years after using it, right? No, absolutely wrong. Dust is dust, so it will always find a way to an open surface, and carpets are open enough. New carpets require regular cleaning also, as well as the usual vacuuming to keep them dust-free.

    Also, we do not clean carpets only for dust, so even if your carpets are in a totally dust-free region, and you are certain there are no dusts attached to them, the air surrounding the carpet fibres after some time requires proper airing. Deep cleaning will get rid of stale smells on the carpets and introduce fresher smells to it.

  4. Baking soda is the solution to every-carpet-thing

    False. Baking soda is great and all, but most times for effectiveness, it needs to be mixed with other solutions like vinegar. The basicity in baking soda can be a problem if not properly neutralised. Also, baking soda will not remove every stain from the carpets, and is unsuitable for some carpet materials, as it will only end up leaving big residues and changing the colours of such materials.

  5. Stain-resistant carpets are the solution to everything

    Stain-resistant carpets are recommended in houses where lots of kids and pets are present; in other words, stain-prone houses. These carpets can come to the rescue by concealing a lot of stains and spills, but it is still not a long-term solution. Actually, stain-resistant carpets have the highest tendencies to get stained as the dirt are only visible, not non-existent; after all, there is only so much the poor carpet can take. Also, it does not take long before the smell of trapped dirt begins to fill the room, so they still require occasional deep cleaning.

Now that you know the true and false myths, you know what you have to drop, and what you can stick to. Regardless, professional deep cleaning is an important procedure and should be included in the schedule of every homeowner.

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