5 Challenges encountered by a private violin teacher in Singapore

You know you are an expert at a skill if you can teach it to others. That is why many violinists choose to start a career as a teacher. Getting hired as a violin teacher at a school can be a bit challenging. That is because not many schools only need a few violin teachers. That is why the next option for violinists is to become a private violin teacher.

List of challenges a private violin instructor encounters in Singapore

However, there are violin teacher Singapore challenges that you will encounter. That is because being a private teacher for violin is not easy. It is best that you are aware of these challenges so you know what to expect. In this article, we’ll talk about the 5 challenges a private violin instructor encounters in Singapore.

Challenge #1 – Payment collection

The number one challenge that a private violin teacher always faces is the collection of payment. Most private teachers are freelancers meaning there isn’t a higher institution that collects the payment for them. They are the ones that do the payment collection. Thus, this can be very troublesome if the violin students do not take the initiative to pay the teacher.

There are violin students that don’t like to pay reserved session slots that they missed. Some even don’t show up on the day they are supposed to pay the violin teacher. In addition, there are people who view private violin teacher Singapore sessions as something a violinist does as a hobby. As a result, they think it is alright if they pay late or not at all.

Challenge #2 – Unmotivated students

This is usually the case if the private violin teacher is teaching kids. There are kids that were only forced by their parents to learn. It can get frustrating on the part of the violin teacher if the violin student has no passion in learning the instruments. That is because these types of students have no will to improve. As a result, the violin instructor has to put a lot of effort into making the kid interested in the violin.

The easiest way to solve this violin teacher Singapore challenge is by being honest with the parents or the student. They need to explain to them why violin will not work for them. There are parents and students who will easily accept this and try another instrument. However, there are parents that will still push through with the violin lessons. Some will even blame the violin tutor for not motivating their kids enough.

Challenge #3 – Scheduling

Most violin students only learn violin as a side. This means that they have a lot of other things to do that they prioritize. Kids, in particular, are busy with school. Adult violin students have jobs and other responsibilities. As a result, scheduling their lessons with the private violin teacher can be though.

It is vital that the violin teacher have a talk with the student about their violin goals. This is so the violin teacher Singapore instructor can explain the level of commitment the student should give to the sessions to achieve the goal. Thus, violin students will take their violin session schedules more seriously.

Challenge #4 – Creating the suitable violin lesson plan

Most violin students hire a private violin teacher because of the customized lesson plan. That is why violin mentors are expected to be able to create a unique lesson plan for each of their students. This can be very challenging especially during the early violin sessions. The violin tutor is required to find each student’s strengths, weaknesses and learning styles. However, this process will be a lot easier as the violin teacher Singapore instructor gets more experience.

Challenge #5 – Patience

All the violin teacher Singapore challenges mentioned above caused patience to become a challenge as well. Violin teachers are expected to be patient with their students. However, it can be frustrating if the students do not do their part. Payment, in particular, should be done by the student on initiative. The private violin teacher should only remind once about this. Furthermore, students that do not have the discipline to practice but are expecting good results is equally frustrating. However, being a violin teacher requires you to have an infinite amount of patience. If issues occur, it is important that you discuss it with the student in a polite manner.

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There may be several difficult challenges along the way when you are a private violin teacher. However, if you are really passionate about teaching the violin you can overcome them.

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