5 General Types Of Dental Surgeries That You Can Have

Dental surgeries often create fear and panic among the patients having serious dental problems. Nothing to wonder about. Dental surgery is indeed a painful and expensive treatment but a wise move if you are suffering from serious dental issues.

Many a time, people feel that every dental problem has one solution. Sorry to say, but that’s absolutely wrong. Not every dental problem requires surgery. Dentists always recommend their patients to approach an oral surgeon at the initial stage. If that doesn’t work, they prescribe to have dental surgery according to their issue.

Suppose you are referring to a dental surgery Canberra specialist, even he will diagnose your concern and accordingly recommend a surgery. Let’s uncover the 5 different dental surgeries that a dentist can recommend.

5 Common Dental Surgical Treatments You Can Look For

  1. Root Canal:

    Root canal is required for patients who are suffering from severe tooth pain and sensitivity issues. The treatment prevents the teeth from extractions and simultaneously offer extreme relief to the patients.

    The dental pulp of the tooth possesses blood vessels, nerve endings, and blood tissue. When teeth break down, bacteria find their way to enter the teeth and destroy the dental pulp. This creates dental pain and swelling. The best way to treat this is by having root canal surgery.

  2. Dental Implants:

    Dental implants are another effective dental surgery that requires replacement for the root of the tooth. This is done by using titanium and titanium alloy.

    Often there are cases when patients suffer from extreme dental issues due to oral cancer, smoking, or drinking alcohol. The decay in the tooth can be restored by using dental implants that secure the jawbone creating channels. The channels are created in such a way that implants make a perfect place amidst the bone.

    Well, the treatment and restoration procedures require 3-5 months. Yes, it is a long term process but indeed an effective one.

  3. Wisdom Tooth Removal:

    Nothing to be surprised with this. People, especially those in the age between 17-25 years, often encounter a severe pain due to the growth of wisdom tooth. With the wisdom tooth extraction, the dentists remove the four adult tooth from the back bottom and the top corners of the mouth.

    Are you suffering from this pain? Why don’t you reach out to the dental surgery Canberra specialist? They excel in removing the wisdom teeth through surgical incisions. Kindly check them out.

  4. Reconstructive Surgery:

    Reconstructive dental surgery is required for those who are having oral injuries due to accidents. Oral injuries require two different types of oral surgeries. They are namely, soft tissue injuries and fractures.

    Soft tissue injuries include skin or gum pains and cuts inside the cheek, lips, or tongue. This also results in lacerations or a deep cut in the skin or the hard palate. To reconstruct the shape and to recover the injuries, minor surgery is recommended.

    However, this is not the case when it comes to fractures. Fractures mean there is destruction in the jawbone and teeth. To cover up these facial injuries, major reconstructive surgeries are done to repair the jawline and the bone structures.

  5. Cosmetic Dental Surgery:

    Cosmetic dental surgery is now quite common. The surgery allows you to reshape your facial outlook, your smile, just using some cosmetic procedures. Along with the improvement of the smile, cosmetic dental surgery even takes care of teeth whitening and orthodonture.

    Would you like to have such a makeover? Look for a cosmetic dental specialist and hire the services.


Which kind of dental problem are you suffering from? Look for the problem you have and find out the best dental surgical treatment.

Although you might be genius in finding out the dental surgery that fits your needs, it is always better to reach out to a professional dentist and share your concern. Dental surgery Canberra specialists excel in providing optimum solutions to their patients. You may check out them once for your own sake.

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