5 important Leg Exercises at Home

Are you actually curious to build the lower body parts’ muscles or searching the best way for leg exercises at home? So don’t worry, now you are at the right place! Hey, first of all, a warm welcome to you on Gedgetsworld!

In this article, we are super excited to share with you 5 important leg exercises at home as well as step-by-step tips. We know you are an adventurous guy and take fitness as a passion as well as a profession.

Important leg exercises at home

  • Step-ups: 10 Rap/3-sets
  • Running on Treadmill: 10min/3-sets
  • Hip bridges: 10 Rap/3-sets
  • Reverse lunges 10 Reps/3sets
  • Single leg deadlifts: 15 Raps/3 sets

Step-ups: 10 Rap/ 3-sets

Step up is a high-calorie burn exercise for the body. It helps increase the high level of leg muscles and leg backlogs. This exercise mainly targets the legs and abs, as well as hamstrings or gluteal muscles in the buttocks. With the help of this exercise, you feel better and calories burn faster than normal exercise.

How to do:

Simply stand at the front of the stool or stairs then start with a small step. Push your first leg on the stair than the second leg on the stair. After that reverse, it, get down your second leg than the first leg.

Now you get back down position. Same as does this exercise at least 10 raps and do more practice, Practice makes a person perfect. After a few days daily 10 Raps/ 3 sets are mandatory.

Running on Treadmill (10min/3 Sets)

If you don’t have a treadmill no issue you can go outside for exercise but running on a treadmill burn more calories than running outside, because of having an inclination system. If you consider it and want to see the best treadmill for running at home.

If you have a treadmill, good to know that, so do follow a proper running schedule. Daily 10 minutes running is compulsory within back to back 3 sets. This exercise not only burns more body fat but being fitted your leg knees.

If someone runs on the hard surface sometimes by the process of shock absorbance knees can be affected. Now thanks to the treadmill industry. They design a treadmill board that is compatible with human legs. Overall these 3-sets of running improve your lower body muscle and provides strengthen to your legs.

Hip bridges: 10 Rap/3-sets (Leg exercise at home)

If you are in the beginning stage or never try this exercise before, so you need to understand properly. Basically, hip bridge exercises target the abdominal muscles as well as lower back hips. The hip bridge exercise is perfect exercise and its impact on the entire body. Whenever you start you schedule of exercise make sure begin with this exercise because of one of the best warm-up exercise. This exercise is helping to improve the spinal cord and its proper flexibility.

How to do:

First of all, lie on the surface and relaxed your both hand, then bent your knees and strait your legs.
Next step to push your lower back on the surface and tighten your abs muscles. In this whole process remember one thing, it requires a high level of focus. To avoid all unnecessary things. Up and down your hips from knees to shoulders, then pull your belly through the spine, and hold for a couple of seconds. Great you completed!

Now daily continue 10 raps and every 3 steps.

Reverse lunges 10 Reps/3sets (Leg exercise at home)

Reverse lunges sometimes look like front lunges exercise. If you want to do this exercise with weight, there is a good thing to do. When you increase the weight, it would build the faster lower muscles of your body.

Let’s start the exercise, firstly take some weight in both your hand and stand straight. Take a deep breath then start with your first leg walkup and bind at 90 degrees then the second leg move forward and stand in a straight position. Same as repeat this process for at least 10 reps. after completion of 10 raps, restart this exercise until you finish 3 steps.

Reverse lunges exercise makes your lower part strong and provides straighten. Make sure, carrying the weight should be easily in your control.

Single leg deadlifts: 15 Raps/3 sets

A single leg deadlift is an exercise that provides strengthens to the core of the leg. This exercise also improves and the most impact on the back portion of the thigh and hips.  It’s all about the exercise improving the level of balance as well as internally or externally.

How to do:

Firstly, stand straight position and take dumbbells in your hands, then go down in front of yours. Take your both hand down with body and right leg going to up slowly. Make sure the justify leg should be stable straight because the entire body weight only on a single justify leg.

Same as return this exercise from the justify leg and now this time do this with justify leg and make sure at this time right leg should be stable. Keep this exercise repeated.


Hope this article proper valuable for you and we explained 5 important leg exercises at home. Now comment us what do you think about this article if you don’t like it please tell us what is the problem with it. Otherwise share it with your loving friends.

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