5 Phrases to Ban from Any Mobile Application Project

Here, we have described the phrases to ban from any mobile application project. See the list given below:

  1. “We should JUST realize this point”

“Fair” seems like a trivial word and yet … Too often heard in the mouth of a project manager, a salesperson or a client, this phrase can drive any developer crazy.

The problem : The developer will feel that you are minimizing the work involved in developing this feature.

Our advice : just banish the word “just” from your vocabulary, which will give “There is still that to do” rather than “There is JUST that justify to do”.

  1. “We need to add this last feature”

There will always be one last feature to add. When there is one, in general it’s fine, the problem is when there are a lot of them!

The problem : adding features delays the release of the application by that much. The risk is even never to see your application come out.

Our advice: list all the new features you can think of, but just keep them for version 2. If this feature was not in your initial specifications, then it has nothing to do in your MVP (Minimum Value Product). Favor a quick and qualitative first publication.

  1. “It is not feasible”

Sometimes we can be confused: on the one hand, we tell you that nothing is technically impossible (or almost) and on the other, your developer tells you that it is not feasible. Rest assured no one is lying to you, simply, the truth is elsewhere!

The problem: there is a gap between what is asked, what is understood, and what is answered. In reality, this is not feasible in the current project context, which includes a budget and deadlines.

Our advice: it is sometimes useful (even essential) to use a translator between the technical team and the project leader. This joker card is called a “project manager” or “account manager”. He will find with you the best compromise between planning, functionalities and budget.

  1. “No need for user tests, I already know my customers”

After years of experience in a sector or a company, we know its subject very well. However, we always have things to learn – a lot – from its users, whether you are a mobile expert, ergonomist, consultant or business manager.

The problem: to presume is often to be wrong! What could be worse than developing an application that wouldn’t be used by your customers?

Our advice: Adopt a UX design, do user tests to meet the needs of your users, even on a small scale. 5 user tests of 30 minutes will detect 80% of the problems (Nielsen studies).

  1. “The application must be on the stores in 5 days, we are launching the national communication”

It is true that IT projects suffer the same fate as building a house. Overall, there is always a delay! However, the priority must always remain the user and his future experience, sorry for the communication department.

The problem: this undoubtedly announces developers in a hurry, a recipe phase dispatched, a bugged application and disastrous customer reviews. In short, a failed launch!

Our advice: it is better not to plan a communication plan as soon as the game app development company goes online. By planning a pre-launch phase, you will be able to overcome the delay problem, fix bugs, and even have your ambassadors tested exclusively.

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