5 Secret Techniques To Improve Your Website Visitors

Nowadays lots of people are not able to increase traffic on the website. SEO  needs lots of patience & tricks to increase traffic on your website. Here I am going to suggest to you how you can increase traffic to your website & also improve your keywords ranking on search engines. It will help you to rank locally & also improve your brand awareness.

1 – High Quality Content

High quality content matters a lot. If you want to beat your competitors you need to update high quality content on your website and also need to improve the quality of your content & it should be unique. Google will give importance to unique high quality content to rank better on search engines. Always double check your content as a content proofreading & seo point of view to rank better.

2 – Increase your social media presence

If you want to stand out & increase brand awareness social media platforms play a key role for your brand. Social media will increase your brand/ product engagement all over the world. & also increase the visibility of your products. Nowadays having a social media platform is not enough to increase your brand awareness also you need to update quality content on all social platforms like – Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin , Youtube , Tumblr , Instagram etc.Social media also help to increase leads for your website. It will also improve your connections online. You only need to create an account on all social media platforms & start posting the quality post each & every day.constantly posting the post will improve the clicks & traffic on your website. If you want to increase your brand awareness then visit chaska digital best digital marketing agency in bangalore will help you to rank better.

3-  Creating Blog

Nowadays blogs play a major role to increase traffic & leads on your website. If your website doesn’t have any blog then create a blog section on your website & start posting on quality & trending topics which will help to rank better on search engines.it doesn’t matter which type of business you are running.

Also take a minute to analyze the your brand & your business it will help to creating the blog & also you will understand the which type of blog is important for your website.Blogs also improve the SEO ranking because you are regularly posting a new content on your website, it indicates the new updates on your website & it will improve the search visibility. The result of your seo strategy will increase the quality of leads on your website as well as also increase the revenue for your business.

4 – Improve your On Page & Off Page SEO

A great way to increase traffic & leads on websites is SEO, Seo plays a key role to rank websites & also increase the number of visitors on your website. You need to update the on page & Off page factor to improve your rank on your website. Here are the few important things you need to fix & optimize to rank your website.

On page SEO

1 – Meta Title

2 – Meta Description

3 – Canonical URL

4-  Broken links

5 – 301 & 404 Errors

6 – Internal links

7 – Schema code

8 – Rich snippets

9 – H1 & H2 tags

10-  Crawl Errors

11 – Footer links Optimization

12 – Content analysis

13 – Backlink Audit & analysis

14 – GMB Optimization

15 – GMB Meta Tags optimization

16 – GMB Keywords Optimization

17 – Website URL Optimization

18 – Https Secure Website

Off Page SEO

1-  Social Bookmarking

2 – Image Sharing

3- Video Submission

4 – PDF Submission

6-  Web 2.0 Submission

7 – Guest posting

8- Forum Submission

9-  Classified Submission

10- Quora Posting

11- Influencer Marketing

12 – Social Sharing

13-  Blog Commenting

14 – Q&A Posting

15 – PPT Submission

Here is the list of on page & off page activity which will improve the ranking & also increase the traffic on your website so fast.Always use long tail keywords to rank better & fast for your website. Always remember you don’t need to create a lot of backlinks on a single day otherwise it looks like spam & your website will get penalized by google. You don’t need to create a backlink by using any tool, always create a backlink on high domain authority sites it will help to rank faster & improve your SEO rankings. You need to optimize content from a seo point of view and also be aware of the sites which will help your website to rank better on search engines. For more info you can consult with Chaska digital which is a digital marketing company in Koramangala to help your seo & rankings.Don’t panic & create backlinks on spam & porn sites. It will harm your website & also you will lose your trust authority & ranking. If you follow all the guidelines of google then definitely your website will rank in few weeks & your keywords are also rank on top pages on google.

5 – Write a High quality Guest post

Guest posts will help to increase traffic on your website & also improve the leads quality for your site. Always choose the relevant website to update your blog for your website & before posting a guest post you need to check website DA , PA & Age, which will help to rank fast & also improve the indexing of the URL’s. For guest posts you need to build a relationship with the blog owner on social media platforms like facebook , twitter , instagram it will help to grow your business.

You can contact them directly also on all social media & through email. Once you have a connection with the blog’s owner it will help to increase your business & also they will update your blog on their website.

Now let me try to understand to you how & which points you need to remember when you are approaching for a Guest post.

1 – Content should be unique & high quality

2-  Image should be unique & clear

3 – Don’t use too much links of your website

4 – Content should be plagiarism free

5 – Always remember content should be properly aligned & clean.

I hope these tips will help you to increase your traffic & also build a relationship with bloggers & some influencers.


Above all 5 secret techniques are there if you apply all the techniques it will help to grow your website organically & also improve the leads quality on your website.

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