5 Smart Appliances You Can Use for Your Kitchen Makeover

Is there any other room in a home where more bonds are created than in the kitchen? The kitchen produces some of the most heartwarming moments. Take a moment to think of the family times, the jokes over dinner, the coming together of the whole family. In reality, a lot goes on in the kitchen marking it out as one of the most important places in a home. The ever-changing technological landscape hasn’t spared the kitchen. Your appliances might topnotch today but obsolete tomorrow. That begs the question, what appliances can help one do the perfect kitchen makeover? Yes, there are so many appliances out there that anyone would want in their kitchen, but would they fit in? Let’s look at some of the appliances that would smartly improve your kitchen and aid your kitchen makeover.

  1. Two-Slice High-Speed Smart Toaster

Smart Toaster

Can you envision a toaster that enables you to choose the level of crispiness you want from your bread? This smart appliance allows you to do that for every slice of bread you want. It is also super-fast can churn out toasted bread in only 15 seconds! With this device, burnt bread will be a thing of the past, which is why you should consider it if you’re planning to give your kitchen a makeover.

  1. Works Smart Coffee Maker with Alexa

There’s nothing as satisfying as waking up to a cup of coffee to kickstart your day for most people. What if you can wake up and find the coffee ready instead of making a cup yourself? This coffee maker will allow you to do exactly that. It is connected to Amazon’s Alexa, meaning you can command it to prepare a cup without you being there. It is one of the best home espresso machines under 200 which means you can command or programme it to brew you an espresso.

  1. Smart Wi-Fi Air Fryer

Imagine a fryer that you can control with your smartphone! Yes. That is what this air fryer can do for you since you can connect it to your home Wi-Fi and send it commands via your phone. What will impress you most is that it notifies you via a short message on your phone whenever the meal you’re cooking is ready. What’s your excuse not to cook?

  1. Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi 8-in-1 Pressure Cooker

8-in-1 Pressure Cooker

Pressure cookers are some of the handiest kitchen equipment. Their cooking speed is unrivaled by most other appliances. Now imagine a pressure cooker that you can control with your phone. That is precisely what this pot can do, plus many other things. It combines eight functions in one pot, and you can control it with Amazon’s Alexa.

It comes with its phone application that puts its control n the palm of your hands. The fact it’s smart also means it’s relatively safe and won’t be a danger to your kitchen. What smarter way to give your kitchen makeover than trying this pot?

  1. Sensate Kitchen Faucet (Voice-Activated Technology)

Sensate Kitchen Faucet

The regular faucets require you to wave to turn them on. You can command this one however to fill up your water bottles without you being there! Isn’t that amazing? Impressively, you can ask it to dispense only a specific amount of water and it will obey as of it were a human being.

Final Thoughts

There are so many smart kitchen appliances out there that you can use to make your kitchen makeover. Technology is always churning out newer products for us to try out. As a result, the kitchen can achieve a whole new level of smartness. Do try out these smart kitchen appliances and see how simple they’ll make your life to be.

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