6 Amazing Benefits Of Making Your Bed

Since we are children our parents always insisted with the famous “you have to make the bed.” It was one of those annoying obligations that accompanied the symphony of mandates like “pick up your room”, “wash your teeth”, “don’t leave food on the plate”, etc. But have you ever wondered how an action that seems so small, and even insignificant, could benefit you?

It was clear to the United States Navy Admiral William H. McCraven that the simple act of making the bed could translate into amazing things when delivering a graduation speech to students at the University of Texas, he said: And even, it is a topic about which complete books have been written about it. If you don’t believe it, check out this one that I found quite interesting.

6 Amazing Benefits of Making Your Bed

When I started reading a little more on this topic, I realized that a post was worth dedicating to address the advantages of making the bed. So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Encourage the development of daily habits

The simple act of making your bed and doing it every day, will create a habit. And having these kinds of habits prepares you to establish others that are just as fruitful in your life.

Complementing the above, the author of the book The Power of Habits, Charles Duhigg, mentions that, making your bed every morning is correlated with greater productivity, a greater sense of well-being, and a greater ability to adjust to a budget. It’s not that a family meal or a tidy bed gives you better grades or makes your spending less frivolous. But somehow those initial changes trigger other actions that allow other good habits to take hold. It is experienced as that need to be more organized or organized in other aspects of life.

2. Create a mental structure for the fulfilment of objectives

If you make your bed early when you wake up, you will have completed the first task of the day and will enjoy that little sense of accomplishment that we feel when we finish something. And, at the end of the day, that first completed assignment will translate into many more as explained by William H. McCraven in this GORGEOUS commencement address: “When you leave your bed unmade, you tend to be messy throughout the day until it’s time to go back to bed,” said Feng Shui specialist Karen Kingston in an interview with BuzzFeed Life.

Unconsciously, the act of making the bed causes the mind to conceive it as one of several goals that have been set for the day.

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But if you want something more concrete, let’s get to the facts: there is nothing better, after a tiring day, than coming to your bedroom and seeing a perfectly made bed. Or not?

3. Promotes order and peace of mind

Making your bed is a way to start cleaning up your physical and mental space. When you make your bed and see that there is a corner in the room that is thrown away, you feel a greater inclination to pick it up to maintain that harmony and order in the place.

You’ve probably experienced it before, but when you’re in a tidy space, you feel less overwhelmed or overwhelmed and you don’t waste mental energy trying to focus or find the things you need. Also, from a psychological perspective, stretching the sheets is a way of conveying to the brain that it must be activated and that the rest is over.

4. Improves the quality of sleep

study by the National Sleep Foundation in the United States showed that lying in an unmade bed affects the quality of sleep, as it turned out that people who made their bed every morning were more likely to have a good night’s sleep most days. This can be explained in part because making the bed helps reduce wrinkles in the sheets and keeps the pillows fluffy.

“People reported sleeping longer and feeling better when they made their beds, the sheets were fresh and their bedroom was comfortable,” said David Cloud, a member of this foundation.

5. Helps reduce allergies

It can help you with allergies because when the sheets are lifted during the day, less dust and allergens get inside them, not to mention your pet’s hair.

6. Speak well of yourself

In addition to the benefits of having the bed that we have already seen, it is important to mention that it gives a good image of ourselves to others. When you invite a family member, a friend, or your partner to your room, and your bed is all messy, let’s say well, it doesn’t give the best impression. Making the bed is one way to make your room look cleaner, cozy, and beautiful.

Those who say that making the bed is bad

Bluntly, as in everything, the detractors of the good habit of making the bed say that it can be bad for health because making the bed promotes the proliferation of mites between the sheets that survive in the humidity of night sweats. And mites can be the cause of allergies. But this is something that can be avoided with constant cleaning of sheets, blankets and pillows (preferably with hot water). Similarly, when you wake up, try to open the windows to let light and air into the room and then shake the sheets well before making the bed.

The reward is greater than the effort required

Putting your bedding in order every morning is something that will only take a couple of minutes and you will have your intimate space organized to receive you as you deserve.

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