6 Mistakes That Shorten The Service Life Of Your Home Appliance

Electronic appliances and home appliances, both need the same attention for maintenance that you give to your car and playstation. Most people spend a good amount of money as one-time investment. The sad thing is that they decrease the lifespan of their products and appliances by not taking care of them. In the end, we only have regrets and we claim the quality of the company. Sometimes it has manufacturing faults, but most of the time it’s our own fault. Check out the below common mistakes that we do which results in low performance and lifespan of home appliances.

Electronic Appliance : Laptop

It sucks when we need a sudden replacement of costly laptops. There are many bad habits that we commonly do which impact on the performance and quality of electronic appliances. The most common problem with laptops is battery timing which gets reduced with the passage of time. If you want to maintain a decent battery timing of your laptop, let it rest for at least one day. This will improve the backend maintenance of the laptops such as software updates and improvement of patches. This will reduce the destruction of gaming laptops. Most of the problem comes in the laptops which are specifically designed for video editing and gaming. We will recommend you to use antiviruses for preventing hackers and malicious functions.

Electronic Appliance : Smartphones

Smartphones are one of the most important things to us. However, our smartphones sometimes overheat  because of excessive charging. It happens when we only plug our mobile phones after 50%. Millions of people have this habit. On the other hand, there are also a bunch of people who justify their mobile phones on charging for all day or even all night, which impacts hugely on mobile batteries. It will impact batteries and other components of mobile phones also. If you have an expensive iPhone, you may not want the same thing to happen with you. Try to avoid this bad habit and charge it properly on time. We will recommend you to place your mobile far away from your pillow, because it emits many radiations which damage brain cells.

Some Common Habits Which Decrease The LifeSpan Of Mobiles

  • Keeping your smartphone all time on vibration mode
  • Inappropriate apps that you don’t use frequently
  • Giving permissions to insecure mobile apps

Home Appliance : Vacuum

Do you feel the slow performance of vacuum? There is nothing to worry about. Most of us avoid removing dirt cups after vacuuming the house. It results in slow performance of the cleaning. Another reason of slow performance of your vacuum may be a sign that your dirt bag is full.

Home Appliance : Coffee Makers

A broken coffee maker is the saddest thing for coffee lovers. There are certain damages that a low quality coffee maker faces by making flavourful coffees. Sometimes, while making coffee, it leaves many minerals and residues in it which damages the quality of coffee maker. You can prevent these damages by cleaning your coffee maker on a weekly or monthly basis with hot soapy water.


Most people overload the dishwashers which makes them overheat. In the result, you will face ceramic particles and small particles of glass. By washing dishwashers you will drain them into the drain pump and there is a chance that you face several problems. The only solution to these problems is big-budget replacements.

Home Appliance : Refrigerators

Having a big family is not an issue, but keeping your fridge all time full will overload the fridge. In simple words, the more load you put on the fridge, the more energy it consumes and the more efficiency is required for fan blades to maintain the cooling. With time, the cooling performance of the fridge will decrease. It may be a good option if you buy a secondary freezer or try to avoid putting a lot of food and products in the fridge.

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