6 Money-Saving Hacks Every Dog Owner Should Know About

People with dogs strive to take excellent care of their furry pals and treat them as they would any family member. Pet parents – as they like to be called – often consider having a pet as fulfilling as having their very own child.

But with dog ownership comes the great responsibility of ensuring your pup’s health and happiness. While this doesn’t mean you need to be extravagant, some pet parents tend to go overboard to the point that caring for their canine becomes quite expensive.

Six Money-Saving Hacks For Dog Owner

Want a dog but fear it may break the bank to adopt one? Try these six money-saving hacks every pet owner should know about:

  • Buy pet supplies in bulk

You must avoid waiting until the last minute before you purchase pet food. You see, if your dog’s food supplies end up empty, it might force you to buy in small quantities at a grocery store, which often means you’ll pay more for less.

One way to avoid this is to make it the other way around — buy more to pay less.

Affordable dog supplies usually come in bulk. Large packs of pet food may seem awkward to carry around, but the savings you get from purchasing them are definitely worth the effort compared to buying smaller bags. Of course, you also have the option to have supplies delivered to your doorstep (more on this later).

Just remember to check the unit price. This way, you’ll know that you got the best possible deal in the market.

Here’s a tip: If you want a bulk discount but don’t want to wrestle that big bag of dog food in and out of your car, find a reliable food supplier online who offers delivery services. Much better if you can get it shipped for free.

  • Recycle old clothes into doggie beds

Have old clothing you plan to get rid of? Don’t throw them away just yet as they can serve as quirky beds for your pooch.

You can look for video tutorials that show exactly how this is done, but the basic concept is simple enough:

  1. Collect old clothing.
  2. Stuff them with other old clothing.
  3. Sew the openings shut.

You can even get creative by transforming an old pair of jeans and make it seem like your pup is sitting in your own lap. He may not even be able to tell the difference, especially if he can still smell your scent on the jeans.

The best part is, it’s free!

  • Take advantage of pet store loyalty cards and programs

Did you know that buying the same dog food brand or purchasing at the same shop over and over could also help you save more money?

Loyalty programs serve as a way for many pet food companies to reward customers for their loyalty. This can come in the form of card-based points earnings, free dog food after several purchases, and many others.

  • Buy treats online with virtual coupons

Buying dog treats online also presents opportunities for savings. Aside from earning loyalty rewards from individual shops, you can also slash prices on your puppy’s favourite items with the most straightforward way possible: coupons.

Your Sunday paper and email subscriptions are just two of the most common places where you can get these discount-carrying vouchers. For email, it may come in two different forms: printed and digital. You can also follow and like pet food brands’ social media pages to get exclusive offers for bigger discount coupons.

  • Clean pet mess with things you already have

Besides items your dog uses directly, you may also need to spend some cash on a lot of household cleaning products, especially if your little bundle of furry joy isn’t potty trained yet.

Commercial cleaners can solve the problem but at a relatively high price. Do you want to know a secret? There’s no need to pay that high a price.

Safer and more affordable cleaners are available in your very own kitchen pantry, and they come as vinegar and baking soda. They may not look like actual cleaners and are also used in several other things, but these two are proven effective in cleaning messes without posing any harm to you, your pooch, and the rest of your household.

You can also save cash and plenty of time cleaning with the right (improvised) tools. Instead of buying lint rollers that are only good for a limited period, use rubber gloves and a squeegee to get rid of fur and dander from the floors.

  • Learn proper dog food storage

If you’ve been a dog owner for quite some time now, you’ll agree that the biggest waste of money is having to throw away old dog treats because they’ve gone bad. The thing is, there’s an easy way to avoid this: by learning proper food storage.

Like human food, your puppy’s treats should be kept in air-tight containers inside your home. Avoid keeping them in your garage or outside where it can get too hot. The rise in temperature can shorten pet food shelf life.

Plus, keeping these tucked away properly prevents rodents and other small critters from beating your puppy to them.

Ensure Pet Wellness Without Paying a Hefty Price

Food and other supplies are crucial in ensuring your dog’s wellness, but that doesn’t mean you should spend tons of money.

There are many ways you can save – you just need to know where to look. Start with the hacks listed here and continue your research to keep your pet healthy and happy without the need to spend tons of money.

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