6 Serious Instagram Growth Techniques For Influencer

Marketing is a hot topic for the Instagram community. Consider a man named Eduardo Morales, for example, who curates and sells decorative enamel pins, and claims to produce more than $3,500 in revenue per month, using supported posts and other strategies.

Clearly, by acquiring the online influencer status, people can make a real living.

Ironically, though, those with millions of followers aren’t often the most sought after for collaborations in marketing. Thanks to their more active audiences, micro-influencers, described as those whose followers’ number in the thousands, not millions, are often highly coveted too.

So, if you’re a micro-influencer, realize that when it comes to monetization, the number of followers you have can have a huge effect on your earnings: Influencers with 30,000 followers usually receive about $350 per post, according to blogger Elise Darma. Those with 100,000 followers will charge a customer as much as $2,700. Outside of your own niche, growing your following as a micro-influencer would be key to improving your brand identity and earning opportunities.

Here’s exactly you need to follow these simple steps:

Find your niche, and build your brand

Branding doesn’t only refer to large companies. You will need to create your personal mark to become a good influencer. It begins by finding a market where you can deliver unique perspectives and experiences (such as travel, fashion, or fitness) and create content of high quality.

Make sure that your niche is something that you are passionate about, and that you can produce quality content. Having a subject area where you are comfortable and have something new to share will make it easier to produce high quality images and captions that catch the attention of your target audience.

Use software to automate the effortless work

Although curation of content is important, other activities can also make a difference in expanding your audience, such as communicating with potential followers or scheduling posts.

Automation here can have a very real effect

Through signing up to automation tools, your marketing agency will be able to save 15 hours per week by automating interaction with its potential followers — normally a mind-numbing and tedious task.

Automation tools for Instagram will contribute to direct account growth while also streamlining your workload, allowing you more time to respond to comments or build beautiful posts — the foundation for continued engagement.

Write periodically on Instagram

Fast every hour some brands with millions of followers post new content. You probably don’t have the money as a micro-influencer to publish content that frequently. And many micro-influencers with a few thousand followers just want to post once or twice a day to stop their audience being overwhelmed.

A study followed 55 top brands, finding there was no drop-off in interaction even for those who posted every hour. Alternatively, the study found, when a brand begins posting incoherently, interaction declines. When you start posting once a day, immediately don’t drop down to posting twice a week. It will trigger your engagement to waver.

Link with other influencers on Instagram

Brands are interacting with influencers on Instagram in an attempt to boost sales or increasing their audience. You may do the same. Much as in a conventional business environment, networking with other influencers will bring your account to new markets who might not discover your content otherwise.

Eventually, both you and your partner will benefit from those partnerships. A perfect example of this is fitness influencer Blogilates founder Cassey Ho. A recent series of fitness videos featured on YouTube and Instagram recorded Ho’s invites to multiple influencers to work out for each video with her, resulting in a positive cross promotional campaign.

If you want to partner with other influencers, search for those who partner in similar niches to yours. In this way, you will have a larger overlap of audience and will be more likely to gain new followers from a joint contest, shoutout or guest feature.

The Instagram hashtag unleashed

Beautiful images and a clever caption are a good base on which to produce quality content that will increase your audience. But if you want people who do not currently follow your brand to find out about your posts, you’ll need specific hashtags for each post.

Research has consistently found that the addition of five to seven related hashtags to your post improves the interaction considerably. In reality, a case study conducted by Social Media Lab found that when hashtags were added to posts, likes to increase by more than 70 percent and comments to an unprecedented 392 percent increase.

Include the hashtags related to the post’s content for better results. Be as descriptive as possible — a generic hashtag like “# fun” would probably create so many other posts using the same hashtag that the mix would lose your content. A narrower hashtag like the # gamersontiktok viral niche increases the chances of turning up in search results.

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To become a good micro-influencer calls for a lot of effort! After all, if you want to make a living off your Instagram posts, you’ll probably have to view them as full-time work formation. So, dive into some of those growth strategies and try them out. Hopefully, they will help you find more active customers who are interested in what you need to share, so you can boost your sales and create a positive personal brand.

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