6 Space-saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

For some people, the bedroom is a part of the house where they spend a few hours a day resting. For others, it is a place where they get dressed, practice their hobbies, or even have a tiny home office inside. What almost all of us have in common is that we use these rooms to store our belongings, and that takes space. So, let’s dive into some space-saving ideas for small bedrooms.

Some Space-Saving Ideas for Small Bedrooms

  1. A proper bed gives you ample storage capacity

    A bed is the most crucial piece of furniture in your bedroom, so take your time to find the one that ticks all the boxes for you. After choosing a comfortable mattress, you should look for a bed that offers a proper storage solution. Here are some space-saving ideas you can consider for your small bedroom:

    • Murphy bed – we are witnessing the rise in popularity of this model. When folded into the wall, this kind of bed allows you to have more floor space. Nowadays, there are many attractive models on the market, so maybe you can give it a chance. Convertible sofas are similar to Murphy beds, and they can save you some space too!
    • Storage platform bed – this model has a built-in storage solution underneath the mattress. It is convenient for storing seasonal clothes, extra blankets, or linen.
    • Loft bed – this model is a very modern solution you will probably see in micro-apartments belonging to or rented by millennials. Loft beds are perfect for bedrooms that double as home offices since a desk can easily be fitted underneath. For the same reason, they are used in kids’ rooms – children can never have too much space for play.
    • Elevated bed – again, the space underneath your bed can be used in a variety of ways. The bed frame can host multiple boxes, bins, baskets, or any other containers that can fit. You can find many of those in stores selling home decor. If you are not satisfied with your current bed frame, crafting a new one can be one of the DIY hacks to improve your old wooden furniture
      proper storage solution
  2. Shelves are one of the best space-saving ideas for small bedrooms

    The best thing about shelves is that they do not occupy the floor space. Those that are open can even create an illusion of the room being bigger. You can use floating shelves to store your books, photos, decorative items, and houseplants, and they will be a decoration itself. Or, you can opt for ladder or corner shelves depending on the layout of your room and your personal preferences.

  3. Don’t underestimate the nightstand

    A nightstand in a small bedroom can serve as so much more than a place to keep your phone and books. If you choose one with drawers, it can even serve as a dresser for keeping your underwear, makeup, or whatever you find practical. Or, if you are not ready to give up the floor space a nightstand like this one would occupy, you can install a floating shelf to do its job.

    Even a desk can serve as a nightstand if you put it right next to the bed. For those who work remotely, this can be a great space-saving trick. Living in a small apartment can save a lot of money in your budget, and that is why many people find this convenient. It also teaches you to be practical and keep only what you need without cluttering your space. Double-duty furniture helps too.desk can serve as a nightstand

  4. An organized closet is a winning combination

    Nothing can save so much space in a small bedroom like an organized closet. Since every inch is crucial, here are some of the useful tips for the best use of space in your closet:

    • Measure everything – if you are having your closet custom-made, you should adapt it to your needs and habits. Choose shelves that are as wide as your folded clothes, pick drawers that will not remain half-empty or overcrowded, etc.
    • Hang the rod a little bit higher, and you will get space for an additional shelf or room for more shoes underneath.
    • Use hooks for hanging jeans and trousers, and get vertical hangers that can be used for hanging clothes at various heights for the best use of space.
    • Buy organizers that you will actually use – hanging dressers and drawer separators can be very practical but don’t hit your local store and buy all kinds of them until you decide which ones would really make your life easier.
    • Make use of less obvious areas – again, the door of your closet can be used for storage.
  5. Headboard can have multiple purposes

    The space behind your bed can be used for storage too. Choose a headboard with cubical shelves or a place to store your books on the side. You can even use the top of your headboard as a nightstand or a place to keep some decorative items. Remember this when you decorate your home for the holidays this year.

  6. Don’t forget about your walls and doors

    Think vertically, and you will save a bunch of space in your bedroom or any other part of your home. Get a pegboard and some hooks to store your accessories, jewelry, belts, ties, whatever you can think of. Such boards can be hung on the wall, the inner side of your closet, or even on the back of your bedroom door. Speaking of doors, did you know that you can store dozens of pairs of shoes on them? Get a shoe organizer model that fits your door and your space. You will be amazed by how many items you’ll be able to keep on your door.store your accessories

    Clothes racks are some of the most popular space-saving ideas for small bedrooms. Install a rack on your wall (you can also look for some practical corner models) and use it to hang your go-to clothing items or those that can be worn more than once before you need to rewash them. Clothing racks can not only provide you with free floor space, but they can also save you time. Prepare the outfits you will wear on weekdays in advance and hang them on a rack for easier access on busy mornings.

We hope you find our space-saving ideas for small bedrooms useful and that you will try some of them when you decide it is time to add some functionality to your living space.

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