6 Tips for Providing Branded Event Swag

We all familiar with the event industry. When we attend any conference or tradeshow, An impressive brand ambassador convinces us to take part in it. The unique and classic logo of the brand captivates our minds. The event swag is entirely overwhelming. A gracious event engages their audience than a boring conference. Without engagement, the event is entirely useless.

But in some cases, the organizers do the opposite instead of handing out helpful swag. They try to convince their audience by giving something that they are not going to use, and it is surely bound for the trash. Their boring presentation saddled the audience with “anti-swag”, and the brand reputation would fall. Because corporate gifts and conferences are the commonly overlooked things, it doesn’t create brand awareness.

To increase brand awareness through events, you need to create a custom approach. First, articulate the message that needs to be shared. Then, do something innovative things that convey your message. Arrange unique things by maintaining your budget, arrange bespoke packaging.

Here in this article, we have shared some best practices that encourage your company’s giveaway to work effectively for your brand.

Six essential tips for providing brand event swag

Though your event is entirely engaging, if the swag attendees took home is not meaningful, it doesn’t positively impact your brand. But, on the other hand, when you arrange something meaningful, it fosters brand awareness, creates brand values, and attracts more customers.

So, here we are going to provide you some practical tips to arrange effective event swags that advocate brand awareness.

1. Consider what kind of event you are arranging

People have slightly different expectations at IT or tech-related conferences than the attendees of a marriage ceremony, music event, or dinner party. It would help if you placed event swag according to your even perspective. A mobile phone charger or headphone is great at a business conference.

But a diary, pen, files are practical swag for an educational conference. Make a smart choice of your take before arranging an event

2. Figure out the public demand

Consider the target demographic for your event. Determine who is your ideal attendee. If you find answers to particular questions, you have probably got a clear idea of the kind of valuable staff for them. Please find out the approach to add your brand name to those commodities and bring them out. Here it would help if you did some research. Check social media communities to know what your audience is interested in. Look at other events your audience’s attention in the past and read their feedback. If you know the mind of your attendees, then you are good to go.

3. Prioritized quality over quantity

Below-quality items that easily break reflect the lower value of your brand. Generally, we avoid expensive items and focus on quantity. But it is not the right thing. It negatively affects your brand image. So, stay away from inexpensive, generic items and select quality and useful products for your attendees. We would suggest choosing a smaller item made by a quality brand rather than a bigger generic item

4. Offer safe and portable offering

If you are giving an item at an event or trade conference, it should be portable. The item should be easy to transport. The product should be sturdy enough to remain safe throughout the trip. It should be safe enough to pass airport security. Avoid glass materials because they are not portable.

You can offer a mobile phone or tablet charger, diary, pen, water bottle, headphone, food, coat, t-shirt with the brand name, corporate bag, files, Notebook. All these things are budget-friendly, useful, and portable.

5. Avoid common things

It would help if you stayed away from anything large and heavy, not portable, glass materials, flash drives, selfie sticks, keychains. Also, avoid common things used to offer at every event. Instead, try to arrange something unique to enhance your brand image.

6. Share the actual message of your brand

You need to know why you’re handing out that swag. Firstly, you need to understand why you are handling this swag and why you chose the particular item to hand out. If you have clear vision about this you can convey the real message of your brand

Closing Thoughts

Receiving gifts from any event is a good thing if the event swag is useful. Its effectiveness makes the event memorable. To make your event more impressive, consider event furniture hire. That makes your event more unique and sophisticated.

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