6 Top Ideas for an Effortless Outdoor Party on This Friendship Day

Due to continuous lockdown, many people are unable to party with their friends like before. You must be remembering the old days by scrolling down your pictures from your gallery, missing the tea time, trips, car rides, etc. Heads up! Friendship day is nearing your calendar and its celebration time! Hence, throw a bash at your outdoors and party with your flock.

After months, you will be meeting your friends, so your backyard party has to be memorable. From its décor to food to the seating area to lighting – all need to be up to the mark. If you’ve got a lack of creative ideas for the party, then do not despair. We’ll take you to the tour of 6 top ideas for an effortless outdoor party for this friendship day.

Idea #1. Think about the theme

To fill your party with entertainment, plan a hilarious theme that will give your friends an unforgettable time. So, think outside the box. To help you out, we have listed down 3 ideas for your theme party that you may like to infuse. Just take a look:

    • Lights, camera, and action:

    • The name of the theme says it all! You can host a fun movie screening in your backyard. For this, you’ll need to arrange a projector, sound system, sitting place with some cushions, some popcorns, and drinks.

You can make the seating arrangement on your composite deck (if you have) also. It’s the best place to enjoy the movie only if it’s in proper condition. For that purpose, you have to learn to upkeep your composite deck aesthetic year after year.

  • Around the world in next year:

    If your squad is a travel bug, then a travel-themed party would be a perfect idea. You can set the mood by sending board pass invites to your friends and placing a globe in the centre of the table. And as an activity, you can ask your friends to write down their next vacation place post quarantine.

  • Woods, trees, and the great outdoors:

    Confused? We are talking about the rustic theme party. To get that vibe, incorporate wood, burlap and twine, freshly plucked flowers, and serve lemonades and homemade goodies. You can also keep a chalkboard menu and prop handmade wooden signs around the venue.

Idea #2. Set the menu of the day

Making the list of food is as vital as picking the theme for your party. So, select foods that are easy to prepare in advance. Allocate a day before the friendship day for food preparation, and do not hesitate to ask for help. Also, make sure that your menu matches up with your theme.

Moreover, don’t forget the beverages. You know your friends and their preferences well. So, think about it and serve cocktails or wine according to the choice of your gang.

Idea #3. Make a place for the table

If you do not have outdoor furniture for an outdoor party, then it might be time to invest in some quality pieces. In case you’re thinking to shop, purchase vintage patio furniture as it often scores a deal. Otherwise, you can pull out your indoor furniture for a day.

You can place dishes with floral patterns over the table. Set them with one napkin colour. Do not try to match everything for your party. It’s mix-and-match trend going on. You can also go with all-white settings. It’s the easiest and simple looking shade for any party. Well, in that case, flowers and scenery will be your star.

Idea #4. Arrange comfy seating

Arranging a party is not a cakewalk. You need to organise the whole event. And amongst all the arrangements, you need to set sitting areas. It’s not necessary to place chairs for everyone if the guest numbers are high. In that case, you can keep a mattress along with some colourful cushions.

You can arrange all this under some shed to be safe from rains, storms, or heating sun. If you don’t have one, then your home needs a pergola. Think about it once, as it is a valuable investment to make.

Additionally, if you are inviting your different gangs who don’t know each other, make a seating chart. Try to make people who share common traits sit together. This way, you can help your party to move along smoothly.

Idea #5. Decorate it right

Floral arrangements are the perfect way to change the tone of your party. So, either call a florist or do it yourself. Based on your theme, you can decorate your garden. Typically, a few small bud vases or along natural garland displays can make the décor look simple yet elegant. Also, we would suggest not to invest so much in floral arrangement and let your garden do the talking.

Look for some lighting arrangement if you are hosting the party in the evening. Make it feel magical by hanging string lights.

Idea #6. Keep the music high

Any party would be incomplete without music. Place at least 3-4 speakers and spread out the volume. It would be better to make the playlist well in advance, considering how long your party is going to last. You also have to make sure that the playlist should consist of songs that your friends like the most.

You can even go heavy on classics like Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, etc. Keep it upbeat, mix in some newer tunes here and there, and let it roll.

Make your day a little happier!

As it’s your backyard party, it has to be entertaining. Right? So, involve your friends in some fun activities and make the party more enjoyable. Also, a few weeks are justify, and you’ve got an end number of things to do for your party. So, we would suggest you to kick-start the preparations from today itself.

We are sure the above-listed ideas would help you to arrange a stress-free outdoor party. And will make your friendship day a little happier.

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