7 Exotic Valentine’s Day Flowers for an Ideal Bouquet Arrangement

The occasion of Valentine’s Day is celebrated in India with grandeur when people dedicate their love not only to their soul mate but also to those very special in life. Whether you are looking to express your love for your parents who have been showering unconditional love throughout their life or just want to surprise your bae, it is always easy to do so with a bunch of fresh flowers. If they exotic blooms, it is a nice icing on the cake with a cherry on the top.

Exotic flowers are not only beautiful but elegant and a bit expensive too. A perfect fit for a poised recipient. Earlier it was almost impossible to get exotic flower bouquet due to extreme scarcity. All thanks to some ace florists offering exotic online flower delivery in India, you can now find them at competitive rates from the comforts of your home.

  1. Stargazer Lilies


    When it comes to choosing the exotic Valentine’s Day flower, it has to be stargazers especially the bicolored ones in white and pink shades. They spread a sweet scent all around while beautifying the room where you keep them. These flowers are the ideal option to be presented to a girl no matter she is a sibling, spouse, or your mother.

  2. Fox Brush Orchids

    One of the priciest flowers in the world, these exotic flowers is rich in fragrance with an eye-catching appeal. When you are all set to order a bouquet arrangement via flower delivery in gurgaon for your husband or fiancé, do not forget to add blue orchids to the bunch along with some white stems.

  3. Chrysanthemums

    Native to Northeastern Europe and Asia, mums are among the largest and most beautiful flowers to give to your loved ones. If you go with the suffix of the flower name, it even gives you an idea of bestowing them to your aunt, mother, or any other elderly woman. Available in several tints, they look stunning in a mixed basket arrangement.

  4. Tulips

    When you have planned to take a break from the traditional Valentine’s Day roses, tulips are the next ultimate options to surprise your spouse.

    Did, you know tulips are only next to roses for being the most romantic flowers in the world?

    Originating in the Middle East, these bulbs are generally found in bright tints. Look for the long-lasting flowers that thrive well for days in your vase. Go for a combination of cream and red ones to express eternal and true love to your spouse.

  5. Daisies


    It is a traditional belief that you should give daisies to a new mother. These white little flowers with bright-hued in the center represent gullibility and purity. Daisy is a sacred flower of Freya, the Goddess of love, and fecundity in Norse mythology. They also depict transition and new beginnings in life according to Roman mythology.

  6. Siroi Lily

    These rare flowers are cultivated in some hilly areas of Manipur. This charming blossom has a captivating appeal on people around it. Since they are mainly available in twin white and pink hues, they are perfect for leaving a young girl in utter mesmerism. If there is a teenage girl at home whom you want to amaze on the day of love, buy bouquet online filled with these magical blooms to bestow an overwhelming surprise.

  7. Carnations


    Believed to have emerged fro the tears of the Virgin Mary, carnations represent motherly love. You can give them in different combinations to different people around you to send a meaningful Valentine’s Day flower gift.

    For instance, red and white carnations bouquet is yet another idea to express love, passion, innocence, and dedication. This is quite refreshing to drift from conventions.

    You can give dark pink carnations in a combination with white ones to depict gratitude, innocence, and purity. This can be an ideal choice for elderly people at home such as grandparents or give them to your teacher.

    However, it is not a nice gesture to give yellow carnations that symbolizes rejection.

Buying exotic flowers is easy nowadays and you can order them at any point of time. So, when the clock ticks 12 a.m. your flowers will be at the doorstep through midnight flower delivery in Bangalore. Now get ready to bestow a precious surprise to ones very close to your heart.

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