7 Hidden Places to Visit in Thailand

What are the most beautiful places in Thailand? It’s hard, to be honest. For most travellers, Thailand means white sand beaches, light blue waters, tropical islands, luxury resorts and bustling nightlife. Not surprisingly, most of them visit tourist hotspots such as Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Mount Samoa. But if you are one of those travellers who want to travel less by road, Thailand has plenty of places to surprise and delight you.

These places offer a variety of experiences, such as learning traditional martial arts, such as celebrating with 30,000 strangers on a beach, flying from tree to tree on a lonely island and exploring forests. Some of these jewels are easy to reach while some are hidden in remote corners of the country. However, they all provide unforgettable experiences.

Hidden Places to Visit in Thailand

Thailand has topped the list of the most exotic, beautiful and diverse vacation destinations in the world. Mouth-watering food, legendary Thai smiles, pristine beaches, rugged mountains and a big, busy city. Thailand really offers it all – and the number of tourists shows it. In a country that received more than 25 million passengers in 2013 (half of its population), it seems difficult to find a quiet place that is not full of other passengers. Fortunately, some hidden gems have still been discovered in Thailand. The following seven hidden places to visit in Thailand offer an authentic experience of its a natural beauty and ancient, diverse culture.

  1. Lampang:

    Lampang is famous for its mountains and natural beauty, Lampang locals will say that their home province is the only paradise in Thailand, and travellers will be heartily pleased. National parks, including Khao Sok National Park, where hikers can swim at the waterfall base or dive into the hot springs, are the highlight of this Northern Province. The city of Lamping itself is also a pleasant Places To Visit with the horse, as it is the only city in Thailand that still uses this type of transportation. If time permits, visit the nearby Elephant Sanctuary, which is mostly known in Thailand for caring for its elephants. But go to the city itself. And you can enjoy traditional horse and buggy riding – the only place justify in Thailand that still uses this mode of transportation.

  2. Sukhothai:

    Sukhothai is Thailand’s first ancient capital and is now home to many of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Located in the lower north of Thailand, it is seen by far fewer travellers. Sukhothai has about 200 historical sites and temple ruins – these are inside the Sukhothai Historical Park. These magnificent ruins are arranged among trees, ponds, mattresses and villages. The best way to get around these ruins is by bicycle. In addition to architecture, Sukhotha’s old-world charm and rural lifestyle are sure to appeal to you.

    The country’s capital from the 13th to the 14th century, the Golden Age of Thailand, the ruins of Sukhothai offer a spectacular view of Thai history. About 45 square kilometers of partially reconstructed ruins consist of the Sukhothai Historical Park, which reflects the remnants of the kingdom. Although Sukhothai is popular with tourists, the park is so vast that it is easy to explore and find the lonely ruins.

  3. Mae Hong Son:

    Mae Hong Son is other charming hidden places to visit, located in the Mae Hong Son province is a capital city in northwestern Thailand. It is located in the Shan Hills, near the Burma border on the Pai River. This is a beautiful trip from Pie to those who are comfortable driving or riding a motorcycle. Once there, visit one of the many caves, hot springs, and natural parks. Even if it’s only for a day, getting through the pie is a great way to pass the time. The city has some tourist infrastructure, including many guest houses and numerous internet cafes. It also has a vegetarian restaurant near the main market.

  4. Koh Lanta:

    Koh Lanta is an island district in the province of Karabi on the Andaman coast of Thailand. It is known for its coral reefs, mangroves, limestone crops and rainforests. Mu Ko Lanta National Park is spread over several islands, the largest of which is home to the semi-nomadic seafarers known as Chao Leh, including the southern trip of Koh Lanta Yai.

    Lanta offers the natural beauty of the nearby Phi Phi Island and all the options for divers, while the rest is quiet, authentic and accessible on all budgets. For a worthwhile cultural experience, take a trip to the island’s lush entrance and visit the east coast of Lanta. It is a quiet and peaceful area with some small communities of bamboo huts around the old town.

    Mae Hong Son
    Mae Hong Son
  5. Chiang Rai:

    Most travellers wanting to experience the northern Thai city go directly to the more-visited places to visit Chiang Mai or Pai, and they have completely climbed Chiang Rai. And these few travellers who go to Chiang Rai often come for close trekking, but Chiang Rai itself is a great place to go for those who are rarely seen in other Thai cities. Whether travellers want to travel on the Mae Kok River to see the local scenery, relax by the river at the height of “Chiang Rai Beach,” in the surrounding hills, or simply enjoy the pleasure of presenting the city.

    There is something for everyone in this small Thai town. Take some time to visit Wat Rong Khun, a modern and unconventional Buddhist temple in Chiang Rai, also known as the “White Temple”.

  6. Khanom:

    Khanom is an ideal place for those who want a quiet holiday by the beach away from the crowds of tourists. Located off the coast of southern Thailand, Khanom has a more local feel than the nearby islands. Travellers can engage in yoga and tai chi classes in Khanom. Plan to take a day and visit one of the province’s most amazing caves, Khao Wang Thong. After getting the key from the cave keeper, enjoy exploring, crawling and climbing the caves, large and small.

    If wildlife is your thing, you should visit Khanom during March and September to see the rare pink dolphins. The area is famous for these creatures among the locals, some say they also have a special relationship. The local fishing community only catches enough fish to feed themselves and their neighbours, they always make sure there are enough dolphins justify to thrive.

  7. Erawan Cascading Waterfalls & Caves:

     Trapped in the Erawan National Park in Tha Kradan, Erawan Falls is a series of seven waterfalls splashing and splashing on the limestone roofs of the waterfall, the top of which is said to be the site of this old legendary three-headed. It resembles an elephant. In addition to the waterfalls, the park has several caves known as Mi, Wang Bohdan, Rua and Phartat. If you plan to visit this park, make sure you wear your hiking boots and change clothes, just in case you want to slip into some of the pools around the waterfalls.

  8. Lotus Lake:

    Lotus Lake is the best Tourist attraction and hidden places to visit in in Thailand & located in Chiang Haeo, Kumphawapi District, Udon Thani, Thailand. It erupts in a wetland with flamingo-pink lotus flowers. Hidden by tall elephant grass and villagers who often turn to the lake for their food and to collect lotus poles. Lotus Lake is a star of the lotus floating on crystal clear waters.

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