7 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Ideas You Must Put On Your 2020 Remodeling Plan

It’s better to remodel your kitchen once in a while. But do it right, and you won’t have to remodel it again. Kitchen is that part of the house that you’d want to be elegantly designed so that you’d have a great joy having your midnight snack in a comfy place.

When it comes to remodeling kitchen, we often ignore some elements such as the cabinets. We focus on getting the flooring done, installing high tech appliances and other stuff.

But cabinets are a part of your kitchen too, and they deserve the same respect. Even if you invest in them, the most you do is to get traditional wooden cabinets. Something that is too common to be appealing.

Give your cabinets the elegant look they deserve, and check out these 7 amazing kitchen painting ideas that you must try out for your remodeling project in 2020:

1.     Creative California

Many of the kitchen cabinet painting contractors in Surprise AZ recommend this idea. It gives you the same traditional wood-like appeal but at a cheaper cost. If you want, you can install oak wood cabinets too.

2.     Mesmerizing Black

Who doesn’t love black? And who wouldn’t want their kitchen to stand out with the ravishing black and white combination? You know what’s been discussed here, and black cabinets are totally in for 2020.

Installed with white or black tiles and backsplash, this is the perfect combination that will give a cool and dark yet luxurious look to your kitchen. Consider installing white or hazel colored lights for extra appeal.

3.     Glossy Blue

Let’s get out of the traditional colors, and create something funky. And what’s more perfect than painting your cabinets glossy blue? The combination fits best with a white and blue stained background, creating something of a traditional look with a modern touch.

4.     Pure White

For this, you must think outside the box or even consult any interior and exterior painting service, provider. White goes best with a number of dark-hued colors.

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Since black is also in the ring, you can easily choose to add matte blue or punchy purple. The combination is bound to make your visitors awe the moment they see it.

5.     Emerald Green

An aquatic option for those that have a knack for oceans. Emerald green brings a dashing and modernizes look for your kitchen that can go best with wooden laminate tiles for a stunning finish.

6.     Decadent Brown

Adding a chocolaty look to your interiors, brown is another great choice for cabinet painting. The combination fits best for a dark-hued kitchen, creating a sensational appeal.

7.     Mediterranean Green

Another green combo taken form Grecian Getaway is guaranteed to make your kitchen cabinets eye-catching. The citrus-inspired color can look perfect for cabinets and even for the countertop. Stand out with inspiring colors, and include this on your list must!

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