7 Must Know Facts to Pick Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

During the summer season, we all want to enjoy our evening time in the outside area. We love to relax in our backyard and have gossips with friends and family. Also, we like to host summer parties in our outer landscape. That means outdoor lighting plays a crucial role during the summer season. A good outdoor lighting system lets you continue the fun even after the sunset.

All outdoor lighting fixtures are not the same, therefore, you need to be creative and think beyond putting up wall lights and string lights. If you want to create a stunning ambiance, then it is very important to pick the right lighting fixture for your yard.

Here, in this article, we have listed some tips to efficiently light up your outdoor landscape:

1. Incorporate Three Basic Types Of Fixtures

You should install the three basic types of lighting fixtures and that are ambient, task and accent fixtures. There are different types of ambient lighting fixtures such as hanging lights, wall lights, and post lights as well. The next one is task lighting and it includes driveway lighting, deck & patio lighting fixtures, and security lights. The third one of accent light fixtures that includes spotlights as well as landscape kits.

Install all types of lighting fixtures in your outer landscape with the help of electrician Northern Beaches Sydney. If you have a small patio in your house, then you can consider the solar light and LED candles. These are not just cost-efficient but environmental-friendly as well.

2. Calculate The Amount Of Light Required

You should figure out how much light you want in your outer landscape before start purchasing new outdoor lighting fixtures. There is a formula for the quick calculation to determine the amount of light required by your space. You should multiply the area of your yard in square footage by 1.5 and it will give you the approximate of the total power required to efficiently light up your landscape.

For instance, if you have 200 square feet of outer landscape, then you need 300 watts. If you want to get all these calculations done and efficiently, then contact a renowned electric service provider in your locality like electrical contractors of northern beaches.

3. Plan Wisely Before Purchasing Light Fixtures

First of all, observe your outer space carefully and start taking precise measurements so that you choose the right lighting fixtures. Plan in advance and accordingly pick the right size of lighting fixtures.  After that take a paper and plan the right placement of different fixures in different areas.

For the front yard and back patio, the size of the lighting fixture should be one-third of the height of the door. Also, make sure before purchasing any lighting fixture that they are sturdy, high-quality and weather-resistant as well.

4. Purchase LEDs

There are different types of lighting fixtures available in the market. But, you should invest mostly in LED lighting fixtures. These light consume less energy as compare to halogen or incandescent bulbs. In addition to this, you do not need to do maintenance and they are durable as well.

If any system fails to work due to any reason, then immediately call 24*7 electric service providers like Northern Beaches emergency electricians.

5. Take a Look From Inside Your House

It will help you to decide which lighting fixtures are good for your yard. You should look the outer space from the inside of your house and consider how your patio, walkways, driveways look like from inside the home.

The efficiently light up garden view from the inside of your house will give you a room expanding view during the night. You can go creative and install walkway lighting fixtures or solar outdoor lighting system in your yard.

6. Install Subtle Lighting Fixtures

The dinner guests may not like the dark spotlight. People love to have their dinner in subtle light. The good lighting fixture in your patio will make your outdoor mealtime a fantastic one. Experts recommend that you should stick to the soft glow lighting system. The outdoor area especially the dining room must have a subtle and indirect lighting system. The soft glow light will create a relaxing environment and set your peaceful mood.

You can also install outdoor lanterns, pendant lights and ceiling fans with inbuilt light to light up the seating arrangement.  Install dimmers with these lighting fixtures so that you can vary the illumination as per the requirement.

7. Install Lights For Security Purpose

The outdoor lighting fixtures may not capable to provide a good atmosphere but it also helps in making your property safe from burglars and thieves. You should ensure that all lighting fixtures should be installed carefully at all entry points.  You should install the wall lanterns on both sides of the garage door.

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