7 Really Cool Things to do in Detroit

It’s one of the most underrated cities in the US but there are plenty of cool things to do in Detroit, Michigan. While it may not feature prominently on many travel itineraries, you will be amazed how many awesome attractions Detroit is home to. There are plenty of free things to do in Detroit as well. Visit once and you will definitely want to go back. There are plenty of cool and unique things to do in Detroit for kids, couples, families, and friends alike. So regardless of which category of travelers you fall in, take that plunge and visit Detroit.

For the offbeat traveler in you, there can be no better place than Detroit to explore. From historical sites to modern marvels, you will find everything here. To see what we mean, check out the list below of all the awesome and cool things to do in Detroit.

What to do when visiting Detroit:

Although offbeat, Detroit is among the best family vacation spots in the US owing to its innumerable and diverse attractions. You don’t even have to plan for a trip months in advance. Just board a couple of cheap last minute flights and fly down straight to Detroit. Enjoy some of the topmost and cool things to do in Detroit listed below!

  1. Check out the Henry Ford Museum

    For the love of automobiles and why else! You can ask anyone local and they’ll name this among the top cool things to do in Detroit this weekend! Depicting via its exhibits the history of industrial and technological inventions, the museum is a fascinating place to be. Top attractions include the very first Ford car, a steam engine dating back to the early 1800’s, and the car John F. Kennedy was riding when he was assassinated.

  2. Explore Belle Isle Island

    Among the really cool things to do in Detroit would be to explore this pint-sized island located in the scenic Detroit River. Although small, the island offers trekking and other exciting sports opportunities. Also, there is an aquarium featuring all sorts of exotic marine species. At the aquarium, you will also be able to look at models, artifacts, and other features that explain the beginnings of shipping. Since it can be an informative-cum-fun trip, this is a great place to take kids to.

  3. Visit the unique Motown Museum

    One of the most fun things to do in Detroit for couples, families, and friends alike is to check out this funky museum. However, not many people are aware of how truly awesome this place is! You will get to see the studio that once had many legendary artists record here. Marvel at the 1900’s Motown architecture, listen to hip Motown songs, and possibly sing and/or dance along. Bring out that music-lover in you and have a blast at this spectacular museum.

  4. Stroll across the Detroit Riverfront

    If you’re traveling with your beau, this can be among the most romantic things to do in Detroit when visiting on business class flights. The scenic riverfront offers amazing photo ops and is home to spectacular artworks. Walk around, click a few cool pictures, and let the fresh air soothe you. An additional bonus is the fact that you can see clear views all the way over to Windsor (Canada) across the lake! This is among the topmost things to do in Detroit at night under the spectacularly starlit sky.

  5. Gawk at Exhibits in Detroit Institute of Arts

    For art lovers, there can be no better thing than this! Among the topmost cool things to do in Detroit is to explore the Detroit Institute of Arts. The building itself is so beautiful that you can spend a good amount of time just staring at it! Once inside, you will find mind-blowing artworks by legends such as Rembrandt, Picasso, Van Gogh, and countless others. Strolling across the art gallery hand in hand with your beloved can be among the most romantic things to do in Detroit.

  6. Try antique shopping

    The only reason we say ‘try’ is because not everyone understands the true value of antiques. Detroit is utopia for avid antique collectors. Whether you’re looking at keepsakes or simply some good souvenirs, Detroit has some spectacular antique outlets to explore. Some of the top places you can try out include the Antique Mall and the Eastern Market. If you’re a good bargain chaser, make it count when shopping for antiques in Detroit.

  7. Eat a Coney Island Hot Dog

    One of the absolute must-dos when you’re visiting Detroit in cheap international flights is to try a Coney Island hot dog! So what makes a Coney Island hot dog special than the others? Among other things, the fact that this is the birthplace of this popular dish! The American Coney Island is generally preferred for the best ever hot dogs. Lafayette is a good option as well. Whichever you choose, expect to grab a mouthful of the tastiest hot dog ever! It’s one of the absolutely cool things to do in Detroit!

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