7 Things to do After Moving to a New Place

Moving to a new city can be a lot of things. It can be exciting and fun, but it can also be intimidating and stressful. Setting up a whole new life is often overwhelming, but don’t worry just yet. With good organization and planning, your relocation can be one smooth experience. To make this big transition at least a little easier, here is a list of 7 things to do after moving to a new place. When you take care of your home and other chores right at the start, you’ll have plenty of time to relax later, when you’re completely settled.

1 Changing address

Remember to set up a new mailing address before the moving day and update your documents right after the relocation. Don’t forget to update your address on your subscription services, with your bank, anyone who sends you monthly bills, or anyone you have regular correspondence with.

In case you’ve also changed states, you’ll need to contact the department of motor vehicles to update the address in your driver’s license and your vehicle registration.

2 Do a walkthrough

After you find the best option for your needs and relocate, there are still things you need to check before settling down. Do a complete and thorough walkthrough of your new home while it’s still empty. Before setting up your furniture and unpacking, take a look around all rooms. Make sure that:

  • All agreements with the previous owner are honored – If you agreed on some repairs, check if they’ve been made as requested.
  • Everything that has been included in the sale price and the contract is still present at the property.
  • All is working correctly.

After moving to a new place, you’ll want to resolve any potential issues right at the start. If there are any, don’t hesitate to call your realtor right away. If just some minor repairs are needed, you can do it by yourself with some basic tools.

Tool-set for home repairs
You can do some minor repairs by yourself.

3 Child-proofing and/or pet-proofing

If you’ve relocated with your kids and/or furry friends, then one of the first steps to do is to make some initial kid-proofing and pet-proofing. Everyone needs to be perfectly safe before you unpack and set up your furniture. Right after unloading boxes from the moving trunk, create a separate kids-free and pet-free zone – where you’ll discard packing materials. Keeping anything that can be dangerous to your child or a pet out of reach is a priority (scissors, cutters, cleaning supplies, and glassware). Then you can calmly unpack non-hazardous items.

Family having happy moments at their new home
After moving to a new place, kid-proof your home so you can safely unpack and enjoy happy moments together.

4 After moving to a new place check the utilities

All utilities should be ready when you move into your new home, so hopefully, you arranged that on time. Make sure everything is working, and everything crucial is set up. Check electricity, outlets, switches, fixtures, water, internet, gas, HVAC system, and phone. By doing all of this right away, you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble and will be able to adjust to a new environment smoothly.

Also, one useful piece of advice, just in case: Check the fuse box and water valve as soon as you can – identify their locations. In case your power goes out, or you find yourself in need to turn off the water, you’ll know where to look right away. If you don’t know where to locate them, check your basement and garage first. Sometimes it’s in a storage room. You can probably find your home’s water valve somewhere around the perimeter of the house.

5 Deep cleaning and setting up

No matter how exhausted you may be from the whole moving process, cleaning your new home from top to bottom is an absolute must. Especially now, with the COVID-19 pandemic still going. If deep cleaning is the last thing you want to do, you can call professional house cleaners. Whichever you choose, remember that starting a new life chapter in a fresh and clean home is worth it.

To save time, when you’ve just arrived at your new home, it’s good to have a plan for setting everything up. At least have a plan for your large, heavy, and bulky furniture. It would help if you had a basic idea of what goes in which room, but also think about how you’d like everything to look. In case you’re not satisfied with the end-result or change your mind later, you can always re-organize things or make some home renovations if needed.

Living room with a black L-shaped sofa, gray carpet, a plant, and wall art
Have a plan and idea of what goes in which room and set up your bulky furniture first.

6 Safety first

There are some things that you should better do immediately after moving to a new place:

  • Changing your door locks is always a smart idea. You never know who might have the key. After changing your door locks, make new keys for all the doors.
  • Buying a fire extinguisher – extinguishers are not that expensive, and you can prevent a disaster in case of a fire. Smoke detectors are also an excellent idea.
  • Security system – whether it’s just a basic alarm, a single front-door camera, or more advanced solutions, having peace of mind right from the start is the right thing to do.
  • First Aid Kit – no one plans to get hurt, but accidents do happen, and if/when they do, you’ll want to have a first aid kit handy, to be able to react quickly.

7 Exploring the new area

At first, you need to get a general idea of what is around your new home, and the perfect way to do it is by car. Yet, to get a more specific view, we advise going on foot or cycling. For starters, see the downtown area, since that’s the location where you’ll find plenty of essential things, which you may need to buy soon.

Soon after relocating to a new place, explore the city, walk the streets, and remember what’s where. When you have time, visit a tourist center to take some brochures, flyers or coupons. It will help you find popular restaurants, services, and activities. Furthermore, it will help you familiarize yourself with the area.

One more important thing to do is to find health professionals in your area – to know where exactly to find them when you need them. Look for the dentist, ophthalmologist, etc.

Besides grocery shops, farmers’ markets, corner shops, and coffee shops, also check the nearest hairdresser, beauty salon, spa – whatever you use in your regular daily life. You can also ask for recommendations from your friends who already live in the same place or ask for suggestions on social media platforms.


Most of these things aren’t too time-consuming, but they do require some effort on your part. Just have this in mind – after moving to a new place and doing all that’s important right away, you’ll be able to sit back, open up a bottle of good wine (or whatever you like), and celebrate the new beginning.

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