7 Tips on Intelligently Marketing Your Business

Every businessman must market their business to be successful. This is true whether you are selling online or offline. But before you can successfully market your business, it is important to take time and think about how to do it. Often, entrepreneurs will try this on the fly without realizing that marketing should be a strategic process that follows a step-by-step plan. Regardless of how you do it, marketing is an essential business component that cannot be overlooked. The following seven tips will help you market your business smart, ethical, and effective.

Optimize Your Website

You must optimize your presence online. You can do this on virtually every platform, which is important. If your business has a website, you should first solidify its design and functionality. The better it looks and the easier it is to use, your chances of converting visitors into clients will drastically increase. If a visitor gets frustrated trying to browse your WordPress site or struggles to figure out how to make a payment through your Square site, they aren’t going to buy from you. You should also ensure that the site includes all of your products and services in a single location and should be easily navigable with relevant information.

Implement SMS Marketing

Short Messaging Service (SMS) is a unique form of marketing that has made its mark in the world. This marketing medium has been around for years but is still effective. SMS lets a person know instantly when an order has been placed, and you can do this quickly and inexpensively by using an SMS platform such as Twilio, TextNow, or SendinBlue. What makes SMS so effective is its immediacy. When potential clients receive an SMS on their phone, they perceive it as more timely and urgent than an email. This makes the consumer feel as though their order is more important. Ensure you have the best business texting application or software for your business, and give it a shot.

Use Social Media Marketing

Another great tool for marketing your business is social media. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are simply tools that allow you to connect with thousands of your potential customers. You can use these platforms to spread the news about special deals or new product launches by creating appealing posts that will attract the attention of potential clients. These platforms also allow you to network and connect with other entrepreneurs, which can be invaluable. When used effectively, social media can help grow your business exponentially while saving you time and money.

Use Google Adwords

Many businessmen overlook Google Adwords, a simple yet effective form of marketing. This system brings prospective customers to your ads through Google searches. This form of marketing allows you to target a specific audience and then present them with persuasive messages that will encourage them to order from you. When used correctly, Google Adwords can be the most superior way to promote your services or products on an affordable budget.

Start a Customer Loyalty Program

Many successful businesses have built their business and brand through customer loyalty programs. Implementing a customer loyalty program promotes repeat business by rewarding returning customers who already enjoy your products or services with special discounts and deals. This will help you build your brand, drive revenue, and maintain a good reputation in your community.

Ask For Referrals

This is the most courteous and effective way to market your business. If a client is happy with the work you did for them, they will refer you to their friends, family members, and colleagues. Likewise, clients who are unhappy with your service will do the same thing. Either way, you get free advertising. A referral program is an invaluable marketing tool, and it has the potential to bring you more business opportunities than any other strategy.

Give Away Freebies and Coupons

If you are in the habit of giving away freebies and coupons to your customers, this will quickly generate a loyal following. Freebies and coupons offer something of value to your customer. This shows them right away that you care about their satisfaction and want them to keep coming back. Giving away freebies is a great way to promote your business and doesn’t cost much money.


Ideally, every business interested in marketing its presence online should implement some of these tips. But learning the basics is worthwhile even if you are starting and have no idea how to market your business effectively. The great thing about online marketing is that many tools are available to help make it accessible for any businessman. Don’t be afraid to try something new, because sometimes the most efficient way of doing things is by using something you’ve never tried before.

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