7 Tips To Have A New Round Course

  1. Practice languages

You may know a lot of English, you may speak French perfectly or German is your second language, but if you don’t practice it regularly, languages are forgotten. Studying a language thoroughly while pursuing a university degree can be too much, but if you do it right, you can do both without problem. Go to language exchange meetings where you will also meet new people, translate your favorite songs, initiate a correspondence via email with a native, take the opportunity to see your favorite series and movies in their original version … You won’t even notice that you are studying.

  1. Practice some physical activity

College students spend many hours sitting in horrible chairs while attending class or studying at home. So much sedentary lifestyle not only affects the back and muscle tone, but also lowers brain performance. With the beginning of this new course, take the opportunity to create new routines in which you include physical activities, such as going on weekends with a hiking group, going swimming after class, signing up for yoga or dance classes … Gyms They’re okay and some have great student prices, but you might quit if your vital motivations don’t include having a giant bicep or a granite ass. Therefore, doing an activity that involves a certain level of learning (twist classes, martial arts, climbing, diving, etc.) will be much easier to maintain.

  1. Eat better

Yes, you always think about it but you never do, right? Well, the moment is now when we are opening the new course and we force ourselves to acquire new routines (go to class, study, take notes) after the long summer. Eating better, eating a healthy diet, does not mean that one day you cannot puff up on chocolate cake or hamburgers, it means that the rest of the days you must strive to eat more fruits and vegetables, to reduce precooked meals and to do a more varied diet. Yes, it takes some work to cook, but you will see how you will notice it in your health, in your self-esteem, in your energy and in your academic performance. Of course the effort is worth it.

  1. Become a volunteer

We have already said on other occasions how positive it is for oneself and for obtaining academic credits to collaborate as a volunteer in an NGO. Surely you have a free weekday afternoon that you can use to help someone out; It won’t take long and it will bring you multiple benefits.

  1. Become a fan of something

Sometimes college life is like spending four years’ plan, condemned to live over and over again on Groundhog Day. Everything repeats itself in an endless cycle: going to class, studying, eating, going out with friends, going to class, studying, eating, going out with friends … And yes, it is not a bad life, but over time it becomes monotonous. Take advantage of your free time to find new hobbies that you may be passionate about. If you always wanted to play the guitar, what are you waiting for?  or if you love drawing, start practicing new techniques or go to class; If belly dancing has always caught your attention, why not try it? Even if you think you are very busy, you will never find a better time to get excited than this, because when you are working you will have even less time. Take advantage of.

  1. Study better

Change old habits of reading, rereading, transcribing, reading, rereading and repeating for new, more efficient study techniques that help you save time and get better results. The known bad is worth more … it is an absurd saying that we should eliminate from our mind as soon as possible, because when experiencing new things is when we learn more. And since there is still time for the exams. According to professional ghostwriters you can start testing which techniques help you the most and which ones best suit your type of memory.

  1. Be more positive

Having a more positive vision of what surrounds us will help us to better face any inconvenience, to enjoy our day to day more and have more energy to undertake any activity that we propose. And no, being positive is not something like green eyes, that you are either born with them or you don’t have them, but it can be learned by practicing some simple guidelines that we already told you in this other post.

The years we spend studying will pass faster than we think and we must take advantage of them very well. You will be grateful for having done more things and having lived this time to the fullest.

Happy start of the course!

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