7 Tips To Make Your Modular Exhibition Stand A Winner

The exhibition stand provides an opportunity to create a memorable experience of potential customers. Also, the modular exhibition stands provide a way to display your products properly and convey various benefits of using your products. The modular exhibition stand also helps in spreading brand awareness and increasing brand value.But, it will not happen unless you have a properly designed trade booth.

Modular Exhibition Stand

Tips and Tricks to Design Modular Exhibition System

Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks that will help you design a modular exhibition system that will help you to be successful in the promotional event:

  1. Optimum Space Utilization

    Space utilization affects the way you use your modular exhibition stand. The available space on the exhibition floor for your exhibition stand is limited. Therefore, it is recommended to plan how you use your space. You should use the walls of your exhibition stand for decorating purposes so that the floor space is available for the product display table and for customers’ movement inside the exhibition stand. If the ceilings of the exhibition venue are high, then you can leverage it to attract potential customers.

  2. Use Right Images And Content

    Your exhibition booth graphics should be alluring and not too busy. We recommend you to display one product at one panel. Use various panels and display different products or images in different panels. But, if you sell too many products, then it will be quite costly and difficult. In this case, you can display a few top products of your business along with a good catchphrase.

    The catchy lines are important to display on the modular display systems along with the beautiful images because the catchy phrases are easily stored in hard memory of humans. Along with product information, you should also display your brand info. It is imperative to display your brand information on the graphic panels to gain the trust of potential customers.

    You should print the brand logo and brand slogan high at the graphic display panels so that the brand-related information is easily visible to all, even the distant trade show attendees as well.

  3. Embrace The Simplicity

    The best way to get the attention of the trade show attendees is to embrace simplicity with creativity. If it is possible, then you should keep your exhibition stand display simple. The biggest advantage of the modular booth is it can be easily integrated and disintegrated. You can easily incorporate simple and attractive elements in your modular trade booth to display the minimalist décor.  You can also take help of the exhibition stand builders.

  4. Create A Floor Plan

    You should consider your exhibition space on the floor of your showroom or retail shop. It is imperative to plan how you will interact with your trade booth visitors. You should determine the trade booth visitors easily get access to the literature or marketing material. Also, find out whether staff members can easily interact with them or not.

    If your staff members fail to interact with your customers, then you can easily lose your potential customers. You should plan how you will interact with your customers when they visit your booth. We recommend you to disintegrate the entire space inside your booth and make it specific for some kind of work. Your booth space should be properly organized so that visitors love to stay there for some time.

  5. Professionally Dressed Staff

    You should ensure that the booth members are also part of the display. Therefore, it is important that your trade booth members look professional. You staff members should wear a similar type of dress, and they should know how to interact with the booth visitors.

    The trade booth members should be trained so that they can convert prospective customers into successful leads. The professional behavior of staff members plays a vital role in keeping the visitors engaged inside the booth for a long time.

  6. Install Interactive Elements

    We already addressed the value of multimedia presentations if they don’t distract from other advertising materials. You can install interactive display screens in your modular trade booth that will help to keep your visitors engaged for a long time.

    The virtual reality gadgets on modular banner display help to keep your customers engaged and help in creating a memorable experience. If you sell too many products and it is not possible for you to bring all of them to the trade show floor, then you should take advantage of the virtual reality gadgets.

  7. Install Lighting Fixtures

    The lighting fixture plays a vital role in the exhibition stand display. If you want to make your booth alluring, then you should incorporate various types of lighting fixtures in your modular trade booth.

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