7 Ways To Sell Your Products Online Without a Website

Deciding to build a website for your business is a great step forward. However it may take some time for you to hire a team of web designers, web developers, content writers, SEO experts, and build a social media platform with many followers. Here are seven other ways you can start selling your products online while your team works on building a website that sells.

7 Ways To Start Selling Products Without Building a Website

  1. Reaching Out To Customers Via Emails

    Emails are a great way to reach out to your customers and it is also a kind of personalized marketing. But you need to make sure that your emails are compelling enough for the customers to click open and look at what’s inside. Now how do you do that? There are plenty of ideas out there. Like for instance, you can give away surprising discounts or send a personalized birthday wish to your customer. There are other ideas that you may be thinking about but the ultimate goal is to make your customers take the call to action.

  2. List Your Product on An e-Commerce Product Listing Site

    People love to surf their favorite e-commerce sites, especially during their leisure time. When there are multiple brands offering the same product, a common instinct among people is to look at the product in terms of quality, quantity, and price. Even the customer reviews and ratings matter. So getting your product listed on these e-commerce product listing sites would get your business more views, more exposure, and more clicks. Besides, you can also get to monitor how your competitors are performing.

  3. Are You on Instagram?

    Instagram is a visual platform and people love to browse through images more than read contents. That’s why there is a saying that a picture can tell you a thousand words. You can sell your products online on Instagram by creating your own business platform simply by posting images that are compelling enough to grab the attention of the target customers. It is creative and effective. And you get to build a pool of followers who would constantly keep close eye for your next updates. So in this way, you also get to build followers turned customers who would come back to your product profile again and again.

  4. Sell Your Products To Online Wholesalers

    This may not work universally but it is another distribution channel that you can consider. You sell your products to other retailers who already have their own platform and a well optimized website. This can help you get some exposure wherein you enjoy the benefits of their customers.

  5. Create Customer Review Vlogs or Blogs

    This is more like a product listing site, where you indirectly compel consumers to compare your product with that of competitor’s product. How? By providing your own user experience review on a particular product that is sold by different brand chains. It is advised to give your customers the best comparison experience that is genuine. Tell them about your product and what is there about your product that is lacking in your competitor’s product.

  6. Create A Landing Page

    Platforms like MailChimp and Unbounce offer pre-made templates that you can use to build your first product landing page. These are not like an e-commerce website, however, you can showcase your products, record labels, and carry out designs without any prior knowledge in designing or programming.

  7. Be Interactive on Social Media Platforms

    Social media platforms like Facebook have plenty of communities where people join. These are great networking places as people post questions and ask for recommendations. Again, you can play the role of a reviewer or directly approach your customers. It is not necessary that you need to wait for people to post enquiries. You can also post first about your product with details.


E-commerce websites are important no doubt. However, why not try out alternative options first before you head off to decide how to invest in building an e-commerce site. You will also be able to understand how your product is performing in the market.

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