8 Best Zee TV Horror Show For Your Thrilling Weekends

You have been feasting one’s eyes on Best Horror web Series and Serials on your tv and Mobile. Do you Know Zee tv started the Horror show the trend on Indian television?

8 Best Zee TV Horror Shows

Here is the complete list of Zee Tv Horror Shows that arrived on Zee tv from the old days till Now.

Zee Horror Show

The first Zee TV Horror Show is “Zee Horror Show” first arrived on television in 1993 and Continued with 2 seasons. A collection of many stories. A single-story was extended up to 4 to 5 episodes. It was a great experience to watch Horror stories on tv. This unique experience made Zee Horror Show an Instant Hit.

Mano Ya Na Mano(1995)

A collection of mythological and frictional stories. dramatically represented on the Zee TV Horror Show Mano Ya Na Mano. Each story was set in a different location and had different aspects of mythological beliefs.

Saturday Suspense

As the name suggested, Saturday full of Suspense was the concept of these 1-hour long weekly shows. First arrived on Zee tv in 1997. It was produced by different production houses and every story was unique and mostly ended on the same day. So it was an hour-long full of Horror entertainment.


Woh is Another Zee tv Horror Show that arrived on zee tv in 1998. It is loosely on Noval IT but with some Indian touch. Woh is an evil ghost that kills people for his entertainment. Some friends fight Woh and defeat him. But he later inhabits the body of a child and continues his evil facade.


X- Zone is the Indian version of Show X-files in Which they Investigate the different cases. Each of these Cases has some sort of paranormal or supernatural connections. These Investigators solve these paranormal cases. X-Zone was an amazing Zee Tv show that entertained everyone.


A telefilm-style show that presents a new story in every episode. A new story and new cast increased the hyp of the audience that demanded new excitement.  Rooh has 40 episodes long run on Zee Tv and Saturday timing made it the perfect Show for Night entertainment.

Fear Files

The Best Zee Tv Horror Show is here. Fear Files was an Instant hit on Tv and Made a separate fan Following for the Show. The Graphics and stories that scared everyone also made them die heart friends of this show. If you’re an abhorrent lover of Horror Shows then I’m sure you’ve watched fear files. Different stories, some based on real stories and some frictional Stories. But a guaranteed Horror entertainment. Because of Fear Files Huge success on Zee Tv, It was extended to 4 seasons.


A supernatural thriller Zee tv horror show that extends to 2 seasons. A man betrayed by his wife poses a gorilla’s body and starts killing brides whenever he sees one. In the Second Season, a thief is killed by a Barhmarakshahs, and his soul is transferred to a rakshahs body. He starts taking revenge on the people who led him to this fate.

Kyaa Kahein

Kyaa Kahein originally aired on Zoom, a sister channel of Zee tv. This show focuses on the real-life events of victims and their stories. The show was a hit but later got cancelled due to the transformation of Zoom into a Music channel.

Final Say About Zee TV Horror Show

Hope you find this zee tv horror show list helpful and you will watch these shows in your free time for entertainment. Now can watch these Zee tv Shows Online along with the Best horror web series. So that way you don’t have to wait for the arrival of these shows on tv again.

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