8 Tips to Improve Growth and Height of Trees

The large size trees are not just beneficial for our ecological system, but they are visually appealing and help to increase the curb appeal of your property. When you relocate and move into a new house, then you will observe that your yard looks empty because there is no tree or your trees are very small. Here, in this article, we are going to share some tips and tricks that will help to grow your trees faster and better:

Tips To Improve the Growth Of Trees:

1. Plant Right Species of Trees

Before planting any tree in your yard, it is imperative to ensure that you pick the right species of trees. Certain tree species grow good in your yard. On the other hand, certain species are not good for your area and surrounding atmospheric conditions. The different trees want a different amount of water, sunlight, temperature level, and soil type.

According to the study conducted by experts, the climatic conditions required by different trees are different. If you want that the tree in your yard grows taller, then you must determine the soil type in your yard and then select the right tree species accordingly. A tree whose matured height is approximately 50 feet will grow quickly as compare to the tree with 15 feet matured height. The tree that grows fastest are weaker and cannot withstand heavy winds and storm. The fastest-growing trees have a short lifespan as compare to the slow-growing trees.  You can also take the help of professionals such as arborist Sydney.

2. Appropriately Plant Trees

While planting trees, you should dig a hole whose depth is two times the tree roots and width is more than the tree root ball. You should fill the hole with a mixture. This mixture should be comprised of 50% soil and rest with good potting soil. The potting soil is comprised of the nutrients that will help in improving the growth of trees. You should ensure that you provide adequate water to your trees regularly.

3. Adequate Water To Tree Roots

Offering a good amount of water near a tree is not beneficial. It is so because most of the water will run away. There are different ways for optimum watering. For instance, a drip irrigation system, tree watering bags, etc. They help in delivering a good amount of water to your trees for a long period. It is good to deliver the maximum amount of water to your tree roots. Therefore, a root irrigation system is highly efficient. In this system, the root irrigation stake is dug around the trees and pipes are installed 3 feet down. The pipes help in delivering the required amount of water to your trees. This system will help in deliver providing water directly to the roots of trees.

4. Provide Required Fertilizer

Fertilizers are important for the growth of trees, therefore, you should provide an adequate amount of right fertilizer to your trees. You can use organic fertilizer so that there should be no harmful effects of fertilizers. You can prepare organic fertilizers at your home or purchase them from a nearby store. Before applying fertilizers, you should read all the instructions mentioned on the packet.

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5. Mulching To Keep Soil Moist

Mulching is a process in which wood chips are spread around the trees. Mulching helps in retaining good moisture levels in the soil. This will ultimately help in improving the growth of trees. Mulching is highly beneficial during hot summer days. Moreover, mulch also reduces the growth of unwanted plants around the tree. Make sure you do not stack up wooden pieces around the tree because stacking up will lead to bad results.

6. Get Rid Of Weeds

You should restrict the growth of unwanted plants around the tree. These plants will take away a huge amount of water and nutrients that are required by your trees. Therefore, if you want that your tree grows taller and faster, then you should get rid of weeds or unwanted plants around the tree.

7. Keep Your Trees Safe

You should prevent trees in your yard from a lawnmower or weed remover. These tools can injure your trees and can lead to pest or fungal infestation. Moreover, the injured tree consumes a huge amount of energy for healing. Thus, it leads to the slow growth of trees and also affects the height of trees. Therefore, you should prevent your trees from any cut due to lawnmower.

8. Tree Trimming

When your tress starts growing and obtained good height, then you should do tree trimming. This will help in removing diseases or broken parts of the tree. You should call the tree service provider and regularly trim trees to restore healthy and optimum growth of trees in your yard.

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