8 Top-Notch News App For Android In 2020

We don’t have enough time to go through conventional news media like newspapers, TV news, radio, etc. in our fast-forward existence. So, what’s the easiest and quickest way to refresh our perception of things happening across the world? News applications that are useful for destroying your free time are the solution.

Everyone with a busy and hectic job can now conveniently download free news apps on their iOS and Android devices.  With numerous news apps entering the market, however, it is important to select the one that appeals to your interest and meets your reading needs.

News App For Android In 2020

Here is the list of the available best News Apps For Android users, to help you pick your favorite.

  1. AP News:

    For Android, AP News is the best news app in India for 2020. Along with hundreds of outlets, both local and national, it outlets its news from itself. On a variety of topics, including sports, entertainment, travel, technology, and more, you can find news, and the UI is functional and clean. For politics, it’s not the best, but it’s better than others. The software with ads is free. The commercials are sort of distracting, but there’s nothing serious about them.

  2. Feedly:

    One of the most common news applications out there is Feedly. It’s a reader for RSS. That means that you can draw from a variety of sources and pages. The aim is to create a news network of your own from places that you trust. Besides, you can access your feeds through their website on your mobile phone or your device. With over 40 million feeds in total, this is a rock-solid choice.

  3. Flipboard:

    Another of the more common news apps is Flipboard. With your favorite news outlets, blogs, and other locations, you can create a personalized feed. By being a little flashier, Flipboard varies from Feedly. It involves fun animations, broad pictures, and a UI that gives it a digital magazine appearance. For things like discovery, it also has extra characteristics. Hot garbage is the recommended news feature, but everything else about it is pretty decent. If that helps, it is also totally free.

  4. Inoreader:

    One of the up and coming news applications is Inoreader. You’ll get a newsreader that can be personalized to your tastes. For those who don’t want to search and find their sources, it contains 28 pre-made subjects. The app has offline support, a good range of subjects, and it will track what you’re reading. It’s a good option, though, for those who don’t want to do as much work setting up their feeds. It’s free to use.

  5. Microsoft News:

    For Android, Microsoft News is a surprisingly best news app in English. However, it works like others. You open the app, pick the subjects you care about, and receive a news feed curated by Microsoft staff. For cross-platform support, the service syncs between the app and the web automatically. You also get a dark theme, the option to save articles for later, and you get a decent mix of political news outlets leaning both justify and right. If you want to read it, there is truly a lot of news here.

  6. Pocket:

    One of the most unique news apps is Pocket. It’s not providing the content. However, throughout your day, it will save any material you happen to come across. You’ll no doubt find something you can’t read right now on Twitter or Facebook or in a conversation.

    You can put the stuff into Pocket and then come back later to read it. It has offline support, a good reading experience, and even some functions of exploration. Users of Power can sign up for a subscription. It includes unlimited storage, a tag system for staying organized, reading text-to-speech posts, and additional PC features.

  7. Podcast Addict:

    A strong all-in-one workaround for news apps is Podcast Addict. It is a combination of a podcast app and an RSS reader. It boasts a 450,000 podcast collection. Also, almost any news outlet you want can be subscribed to.

    Podcast playlists, categorically ordered news feeds, Chromecast support, and even YouTube and Twitch channel support are supported by the app. Better podcast apps are available (Castbox, Pocket Casts, Doggcatcher, etc) and better RSS apps are available. A mixture of the two, though, does little better than this one.

  8. Reddit Bills:

    Reddit bills itself as the Internet’s front page. That’s mostly real, at least. The bulk of trending news stories end up on Reddit somewhere. Subreddits that let you see different interests can be subscribed to. For practically anything from fashion to tech, Android to iOS, and everything in between, you can find a subreddit. At its work, the official app is good enough. It doesn’t have many features for power users.

    It nails the fundamental experience very well, however. Often, the culture can be rather vapid. Overall, though, it’s one of the best apps and communities for news. The monthly optional subscription adds a few extra features and removes ads.


Now that we are all used to using it for the smallest of our needs, technology is something hard to resist. In a matter of seconds, people want to get something done. Speed is the motto when it comes to getting acquainted with best news apps for android in 2020 for the agile and digitally sound generation of today.

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