9 Safety Measures To Follow While Using Pole Saw

Tree trimming is not an easy task just like snipping shrubs. It requires expertise and skills. If any untrained person tries to cut down the tree branches, then it poses a major risk of the fatal accident. Therefore, it is better to hire a certified tree service provider.

If you want to be a specialist then you need to get admission in government courses to have the necessary knowledge and required license. You can also take the help of qualified professionals like Sydney tree removals service providers.

It requires experience and skills to handle a pole saw tool. But, after training, you can learn to handle the pole saws efficiently and can use them for tree trimming and pruning purposes.

The pole saw is an optimum machine for removing hard branches of the trees. If you a newbie in the field of tree trimming, then you should follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks.

1. Read The Instructions Carefully

The best thing to do before start using pole saw is to read every instruction provided on the manual. The user manual provided with the machine will provide you the technical knowledge and the complete procedure to use this tool. Make sure that you read all the safety warnings and labels that are mentioned on the box and a guide.

2. Wear Protective Gear

If you do not want to face any fatal accident or major injury, then you should wear necessary protective gear. The protective gear includes a helmet, facial mask, protective gloves, and booths. Also, you should wear thick pants or leg chaps. You should not forget to remove the jewelry and tie up your hair.

3. Use It Appropriately

The pole saws are crafted for only one specific purpose and there is only one objective and this is cutting and pruning tree limbs. Never use this machine to cut bushes, shrubs, and plants. For this purpose, there are other tools and machines. It is suggested to use the pole saw for its specific purpose.

4. Check Weather Condition

You should make sure that the weather is favorable where you are going to use the pole saw. It is not possible to use this machine when it is too dark outside, highly rainy or windy. These weather conditions will make it difficult for you to use the pole saw and it is also risky to use it in bad weather conditions.

In addition to this, you should also check the condition of trees that you want to trim or prune. The dead branches or wood rot can also pose risk, therefore, it is recommended to inspect the condition of the tree before start trimming.

5. Check This Machine

Before start using your pole saw, you should check it working in good order or not. Make sure that the chain is thoroughly oiled and check that all the teeth are in good condition. Also, inspect that sprocket and guide bar are in good condition. You should also try the safety features of the pole saw machine to verify that they are functional or not.

6. Clear Area Under The Tree

You should maintain a secure zone before start using the pole saw. Make sure that the 50ft perimeter around the tree is clear. Never operate the pole saw if the children or pets are playing around. If you have other helping members, then give them a duty that they will stop the people from entering inside the specified perimeter.

7. Keep Your Pole Saw Upright

You should try to keep the rod of the saw in an upright direction. It is difficult to handle this machine if you try to keep it at a specific angle. It is very easy to manage the pole saw if it is in a vertical position. Make use of tape to distribute the weight away from your arms.

8. Never Try To Cut Above You

Experts recommend that you should never try to cut the branches that are above your head. This advice is for all newbies as well as experienced persons. If you want to efficiently use this tool, then you should enroll yourself in training where you will learn to handle this tool. Even a single wrong step can be disastrous. Also, you should stay away from the branch while pruning or cutting the tree branches.

9. Firm Base

While trimming trees with the pole saw, you should keep a firm base. Make sure you are balanced while pruning branches. You both feet should be balanced and properly touch the ground level.

Also, you should use your both hands while handling the pole saw. Never, try to use this machine with only one hand. It can lead to fatal accidents. In short, you should follow all the safety guidelines while using the pole saw.

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