9 Things to Remember When You Choose Indian Wedding Venue

Are you going to have an Indian wedding? You must be looking forward to the extravaganza coming ahead! Every item in an Indian wedding expenses list is crucial. But we are going to talk here about the wedding venue. It is vital to choose a place that resonates with your dream wedding. But it should also be suitable for your budget and the number of guests to be accommodated. It should be available on your wedding date.

Indian Wedding Venue Selection

Let us understand the 9 most essential aspects which you should consider before finalizing your wedding venue.

  1. Estimate of Wedding Guests

It is crucial to make a wedding venue selection according to the number of guests. A bigger venue will be a waste of space and money. And a smaller place will be inconvenient. So try to guess the correct number of guests who will be attending the wedding. And decide on the venue accordingly. Make sure you keep a fair margin for more than expected guests.

  1. Cost of the Wedding Venue

Search for your dream venue in your pre-decided budget only. There are suitable budget wedding venues available in each Indian city. Invest some time in research, and you will find your dream venue in your budget.

  1. Style of Your Wedding

If you want a formal ceremony, a banquet or ballroom will suffice your need. An informal setting can be done inside a small restaurant or a lawn. If you are a nature’s baby, beach weddings and lush green gardens are your things. Decide upon the venue based on your style.

  1. Route & Distance

One of the aspects which often gets skipped in the Indian wedding expenses list is the transportation cost. Apart from the bride and groom, their families and relatives also need the facility to reach the venue. Decide on an outskirts venue considering your budget for transportation.

  1. Visit Venue Together

Take a tour of the shortlisted venues. Visit together to exchange the view at the same time. You can go to the place twice before deciding. Both of you must be convinced that this is where you both would like to make a lifelong commitment together.

  1. Facilities & Resources

Only the look and feel of the property is not enough. The management should also offer good quality basic facilities like proper sitting arrangements, security, bar area, clean restrooms, changing rooms for bride and groom, etc. You can crack a lucrative deal if they offer catering services at economical prices. Such discounts will help you arrange a budget Indian wedding.

  1. Indian Climate

Indian climate is diverse and unpredictable. Keep in mind the season and weather conditions in the month of your wedding during the wedding venue selection. And always be prepared for rain. Untimely and unseasonal rains are no more a surprise in India.

  1. Spacious Parking Lot

Don’t let parking become an unwanted hassle during your wedding functions. If your venue doesn’t have sufficient space for parking, arrange for a nearby area. Ask the venue management for the valet parking facility.

  1. Wedding Venue Restrictions

It is better to enquire properly about the restrictions imposed on the venue. Some restrictions can be from the local authorities. For instance, no loud music late at night. And some can be their internal rules like restricted areas and no-smoking zones. Shortlist the venue only if you don’t have any issues with such limitations.

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In Conclusion

Don’t stress if it is taking longer for you to search for a perfect venue. It happens! Sooner or later, you will find your ideal wedding venue. Till then, keep searching and enjoy this phase of wedding preparations.

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