9 Tips About Invisalign You Should Know

Having been in the business of restoring smiles with Invisalign, we have a hoard of experience on this treatment.

Should you be interested in Invisalign or you are using it currently, there are some clues or hints that can improve your experience with this orthodontic work.

Check Out the Tips About Invisalign

  • Keep Your Aligners On For A Minimum Of 20 Hours Daily

  • Every Invisalign user is mandated to wear their trays for 20 to 22 hours each day. So, you have 4 hours of freedom in a day. The normal thing is that you should only take out your trays when you want to eat, snack, brush, drink, floss, or play contact sport. If you would like to be free from aligners on special occasions, talk to us about it first. Should you not put on your trays for the recommended period, the outcome of your Invisalign treatment will be affected.
  • Encase your aligners always

  • It is relatively easy to lose clear aligners when not in use. So, have a case where you put them to avoid breakage. Also, don’t wrap your aligners in tissue, you might mistakenly trash it!
  • Always carry a toothbrush around

  • Since you need to maintain a very high level of oral hygiene by brushing every 20 minutes post-meal, have a toothbrush handy to achieve this. It may not be easy, but it’s great for your aligners. justify over food particles can stain, decay, or even cause bad breath. Finding it difficult to brush? You can chew sugar-free gum or rinse your mouth with water.
  • Drink only water with aligners on

    When you’re wearing those beautiful invisible trays, the only drink you should take is water! Taking tea, coffee, and other coloured beverages will stain your aligners. Again, sugar-coated drinks can cause acid erosion and decay.To reduce the number of times you remove your aligners daily; we advise you to take just water between meals.

  • Hot water is not suitable for your aligners

  • This is important. Please don’t soak your aligners in hot water. Remember it’s made of plastic. It will get deformed and lose its efficacy. This means you’ll have to get another set and time is of the essence. For the best Invisalign in London, get in touch with our team.
  • Using toothpaste to clean aligners isn’t good

  • A lot of toothpaste on the market carry abrasive ingredients that will not allow your aligners to shine brighter and clearer. This is why we discourage the use of toothpaste in cleaning aligners. Instead, you can use cold water or a mild detergent to brush your trays and make them shine.
  • Don’t throw away used aligners

  • Most people make the mistake of trashing their old aligners. Well, this isn’t good. While you’re using a new set, ensure the old ones are kept safely somewhere. Why? You may not see the need for them, but in case the present ones go missing or bad, you can use them while waiting for another new set. The point here is so you don’t lose wearing time which is vital to your smile straightening.
  • Take out your aligners with care

  • Wearing and removing your aligners has a pattern which you will get used to overtime. Begin with the back of your teeth and carefully loosen your trays using your fingers, and work gently to the front row of your teeth. This method should work; however, we have a tool that can help should you be having any problem with this. Take care in handling your aligners to prevent damage from happening.
  • Put on your retainers

  • When your treatment with Invisalign is done, it’s time for you to wear retainers to avoid relapse (your teeth returning to its former crooked state). This is due to the time it might take for the bone that supports your teeth to be stable. So, in the interim, the retainers will do the job of ensuring your teeth remains straight. Take note that even after bone stability has happened, you have to keep on wearing the retainers for life to keep your results permanent.


It is our aim that with these tips you will find a better way to get through your Invisalign treatment. At our practice, you can get more information on Invisalign from any of our expert orthodontists.

Other invisible braces type are also available here with a free no-obligation consultation. Invisalign works very well, but you need to be strict with yourself to see the results.

For Invisalign treatment, do well to contact us. Our orthodontist will answer any questions you might have. It’s always a pleasure to restore patients’ smile.

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